Rapper Tekashi 6ix9ine Granted Early Release from Prison

To fight the coronavirus outbreak, prisons have had to take drastic measures in order to contain its effects. As you can imagine, these aren’t the cleanest of facilities. Nonetheless, preventative courses of action have to be taken to ensure safety. For many prisoners they’ve used legal means to pre-empt their release versus having prisoners waiting out the remainder of their sentence that is nearing its end.  

 These steps are being taken to reduce overcrowding in prisons, where the spread of the virus has already commenced. These conditions are proving fatal to those with pre-existing conditions. This same argument was made by controversial Brooklyn emcee Tekashi 6ix9ine’s legal representation, citing concerns about the “Gummo” rapper’s asthma making him at higher risk to complications if exposed to COVID-19—an ailment that appears to inhibit breathing in its victims.  

Daniel Hernandez—professionally known as 6ix9ine—is currently serving 2 years on charges of gang activity including racketeering, gun possession, and conspiracy to commit murder. He was originally facing upwards of 47 years before cooperating with federal investigators and was recently expected to be released as early as July 31. The judge ruled—effective immediately—that Mr. Hernandez will be granted supervised release at home by GPS monitoring. He must remain at the address approved by his probation officer except to seek medical attention amid COVID-19 concerns.  

 Many will wonder what a post-snitch 6ix9ine will look like and how he will move without the facade of being a gang member. Say what you want but the kid is a marketing mastermind and the “rules” of the streets clearly don’t apply like they used to. Now, don’t get it twisted, he will be a target for MUCH of the foreseeable future. However, whether you like him or not the kid knows how to create a buzz for himself. He knows, along with the rest of us, that those security rates and legal fees are only going to increase given his history. I can already see the IG Live escapades he’ll be involved in shortly after his release—which will be LIVELY, to say the least.

Leaked Footage Of #6ix9ine leaving Prison?? pic.twitter.com/ZTS0K5pU2Q— Raphouse Tv (@Raphouse_Tv) April 1, 2020

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