Nicki Minaj Is The Greatest Female Rapper of All Time

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I am sick and tired of the comparisons. No female hip hop artist has accomplished what Nicki Minaj has and quite frankly it is not even close. I have been writing this article for weeks because I could not think of the words to describe how I felt on this topic.

On Episode 63 of my podcast, the best podcast out might I add, we had journalist Sidnee Michelle and the head of BET’s YouTube content Essie Michelle on. Somehow we got to the topic of Nicki Minaj versus Lil’ Kim and everyone made it seem as though Lil’ Kim was in the same class as Nicki. Usher even made comments stating “Nicki Minaj is the product of Lil’ Kim”. WE NEED TO STOP THIS! Usher, are you the product of every single person who has sang before you? We never diminish your greatness because someone else sung like you before. We need to stop doing the same with our female artists. Today is the last day we should even make the comparison.

Let me start by saying yes, Lil’ Kim paved the way for women artists, but just because you opened a door does not mean she is the reason Nicki is successful. Lil’ Kim’s last relevant album came out in 2003 and Nicki’s first album dropped in 2010. There was a seven year gap where no female artist decided to become the next Lil’ Kim. So stop it.

Secondly, if Nicki did a Versuz battle we would want to see someone who is way more accomplished because Nicki is at-least a Top 20 artist of all time. DEBATE YOUR MOM!

Okay lets get into it now that that is out the way. First off, Nicki Minaj writes all of her lyrics. Am I going to say Nicki is the greatest lyrically of all time? No, but there is a lot more that goes into rapping than lyrics. Between Nicki’s flow, delivery, and content, she found a unique lane and dominated the game. That is a bar I know.

My friends are about to get pissed here because I am “numbers guy,” but Nicki Minaj has four albums, all of which have gone platinum, two were number one albums (the other two were number two). Per Billboard, Nicki Minaj has one number one hit, 18 top 10’s, and 109 top 100 records. Like come on let’s be serious here. Not to make this a bashing session because Lil’ Kim is great and paved the way, she has one number one hit, 4 top 10s, and 17 top 100s. It’s not comparable!

I know as rap fans we get nostalgic and want to show love to those who paved the way for the culture as we know it, but it’s time we start giving people credit who have incredible careers in an era where people have short attention spans. Nicki has been relevant since 2008. No other woman rapper can say they have been relevant that long musically. Sh*t, not many male artist can say that either.

Nicki’s career has paved the way for so many women artists as well. I know she has a beef with Cardi B, but she definitely opened the door for Cardi B to have one of the biggest years for a female hip hop artist. Meg Thee Stallion and Doja Cat also went on to have number one records as female hip hop artists in 2020. When Nicki started her reign, no one was even checking for female rappers in the mainstream.

Lastly, before I get out of here, what other female artist can say that they had a better verse on a record with Jay-Z, Kanye West, and Rick Ross. The end! Case closed! Drops mic!

Okay, please reach out to me on Twitter and let me know if you do not feel Nicki Minaj is a Top 20 rap artist of all time or if you do not feel she is the greatest female rapper of all time!

Let’s start appreciating greatness and not undermining it. Thank you

I’m out!

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