Future Releases Life Is Good

For starters, I am not sure who is happier about Future and Drake being successful rappers – them or us. The new, quirky “Life Is Good” video features the duo linking up once again after a brief hiatus from their 2015-2018 run of collaborations.

Though the song itself may not deviate much from 2015’s “Where Ya At”, 2016’s “Grammys” (arguably a second, better iteration of “Life Is Good”) and a large part of What A Time to Be Alive, it’s still a celebratory moment for the FBGOVO hive. “Bitch, this is fame, not clout/I don’t even know what that’s about, watch your mouth”.

You get catchy punchlines from The Boy, a powerful beat switch, and the Toxic King stealing the show with his extended verse. The only question is whether this is leading up to the mysterious What A Time To Be Alive 2, or the inevitable Future project we usually get around this time of year..

The accompanying visual for “Life Is Good” already gives this an edge over their 2015 joint effort, where limited time and touring restricted their work to just one week. While still a well-received project, no videos were ever put out. Thus, having a bit more free time in 2019 and 2020 could spell a different approach both strategically and content-wise. A lot can change in five years.

Look what we’ve got here, for example  – the two serving burgers at a fast-food restaurant where 21 Savage cashiers, servicing cars in a body shop and helping Lil Yachty figure out his computer issues. Through it all, they’re dancing along and appear as positive as ever in roles where many often feel unfulfilled.

Much like their 2017 record, Drake and Future appear “Used To This”. More specifically, Aubrey sneaks a drink with his lovely co-worker with the boldness of an employee with tenure. Hendrix talks up a beautiful customer in the car shop while a vehicle begins to catch fire. Even in their attempted normalcy, they still got the juice everywhere they go.

Without the video’s humor, this track may have felt a bit too linear for those hoping the two will go in a different sonic direction. Leaks like “Big Mood” contribute to this potential reality, but then there’s “I Know/Desires” which displays the melodic sounds we’ve come to know and love from them.

Whether they’re tightening bolts, taking orders, or flexing at a video shoot, their presence and ability to build anticipation is undeniable. Now, the question is whether they’ll make us feel alive again or we’ll be dealt a fatal blow in the form of similar-sounding music. 

It’s no secret that What A Time To Be Alive felt like a Future-lead project full of beats he was tearing up at the time. Future shines here, as he has in much of their previous work. It’s not a stretch to say he does the trap thing better than Drake, but it could also speak to a genuine admiration Drizzy holds for the Trap God.

Songs like “Digital Dash” feature Future as the entree with Drake’s follow-up verse being the gluttonous dessert consumed on a bloated belly. Or on Siamese twins “Grammys” and “Life Is Good” where he delivers the pregame to an all-out Dirty Sprite-infused banger. For now, life is good and so is this song. Let’s see if it stays that way.