Flo Milli – Ho, Why is You Here? Review

Female rappers have been deserving of the wave of success in terms of notoriety, specifically the black women, forever.

In times like these, where black women such as Breonna Taylor are getting wrongfully murdered (ARREST JONATHAN MATTINGLY, BRETT HANKINSON, AND MYLES COSGROVE), we have to show support any way we can. When Megan thee Stallion gets shot, Twitter makes jokes. It is a wild and childish behavior being displayed for the internet to see. It is time to turn the negative into a positive, and that is where Flo Milli comes into play. The young rapper from Mobile, Alabama was just 19 when she dropped her major single “Beef FloMix” in late 2018 and it blew up by early 2019.


Her youthful voice and charisma drew eyes everywhere to what would be her next move. Throughout the next two years, she would give the fans a myriad of singles that would instantly pop off the speakers. The 19-year old, who turned 20 in January, couldn’t be contained. Flo Milli was destined for superstardom from the beginning.

Just a few months later and her debut project Ho, why is you here? has finally arrived. It is everything you would expect out of a young-adult, oozing with confidence and letting every man know her worth. It is powerful from a woman who just exited her teen years, but it is what the game needed.

That swagger starts off immediately and doesn’t stop for one second the project is being played. A good portion of the project contains singles she had released prior to the release, but all of them have a reason to be here. “Beef FloMix” show-cases her ability to spit at a rapid pace while giving her the perfect introduction of who she is. A badass.

Also remixing the Playboi Carti “Beef” instrumental was fantastic. “Like That Bitch” is putting boss status to a level that Rick Ross would envy. Flo Milli is putting that to shame right from the get-go, “I go shopping ‘til that time pass/ You look for the clearance rack.” There are tiers to flexing, “Yeah, dicks up when I step up in the party/ Yo’ main dude wanna feel on my body” is a bar off “In The Party” that deserves all the attention.

Flo Milli is so full of life, you can hear it in her voice. You can tell the admiration of Nicki Minaj from the flow, to the sound of her voice all the way to telling these girls she got their man on lock. There is a dominance factor to her that is so hard.

You have to admire the conviction Flo Milli gives the listener. “Send The Addy” is a trap-filled vibe of being nasty and trill while getting looks from outsiders who aren’t as successful and simply putting it as “she a maddy.” Even with a shorter track like “Pockets Bigger” it’s impactful with her message of boldness she exudes.

Towards the second half of the project, it does become a bit samey, but it doesn’t deteriorate her pen game. She will remind you time and time again that this life is easy for her with bars like “That bitch pockets a joke, it ain’t funny to me.” The last two tracks end the project on a high note, “Not Friendly” is a reminder that she is not friendly and people will always be hating her. The production is bouncy, she is talking her shit, you know it’s a hit from Flo Milli.

The closer “Scuse Me” has her at her most raw and aggressive and it is beautiful to hear. The hook punches you in the face with her repeated “Scuse Me Bitch” and her switch up in flow is once again showing her talents as an MC. It’s the perfect end to an album that leaks with flexes and addressing haters at every turn.

One thing I hate about the music industry and critics is the double standard of a man and a woman flexing. We hear these conversations all the time about Meg thee Stallion “talking too much about sex”, yet we let Rich the Kid rap about making a woman go “ooh”.

We can have introspection and braggadocio from female rappers, and Flo Milli is the antitheses of the latter. She is young, successful, and selling records like crazy. It’s what she deserves to do, she has earned that right and by all means, it makes for great music on her end. Being critical is one thing, hating is another, and Flo Milli really doesn’t care what you think anyway. She will knock you out with her words and you will live with the results, it’s black queen energy.

What You Expect?

Score: 8.2/10