Best of Drake and Lil Wayne: Ranking Top 37 of Their Songs

Drake and Lil Wayne are superstars in the hip-hop world, that isn’t in question. Both guys have contributed to making the genre as enjoyable as it is today and the numbers back that up. There are only four rappers to sell a million copies of an album in a week; Drake and Wayne are two of the four. So when we talk about these guys, there is a lot of history behind them. The collaborations between the Young Money franchise players is staggering with 37 songs together. How is that even possible?  

They have made some of the biggest hits that rap has ever seen… but also have been a part of some tracks I wish I never heard. Me and Cam Jackson have decided to list all of the collabs from first to last, because honestly it just needed to be done. It had to! It took us three hours to accomplish, and it was the most fun I ever had. We included songs that had them together on anything, whether it was their own music or being featured on other collaborations. 

Before we get started, let’s just note how we got to the order that these are in because there are definitely a few surprises along the way. Specifically, where Bedrock and Successful landed. During our three hour listening session we ranked each song out in a tier from trash to god tier. Then we ranked out each tier. Also, not just based on how good each song sounded, this is a Lil Wayne and Drake best collabs list so we also took into account the level of their verses, flow, and level of participation. This led to some songs losing more points over others based on if an artist didn’t have a huge part on the record, namely the 30 second Wayne verse at the end of Successful that I completely forgot was there seeing that Drake and Trey Songz go on for three plus verses, among others.   

37) Finale –  We Are Young Money (2009) 

  • This song is just entirely too long, with 10 features of the Young Money crew which most of them outside of the greats are bad. You have to get through four minutes and eight artists before you even hear Drake or Wayne. It’s a headache. Not to mention neither artist had a notable verse to make this entirely too long song anymore bearable. You just sat through eight artists to be underwhelmed… congratulations.  

36) Unstoppable (Remix) – So Far Gone (2009) 

  • This was the unusual miss from the pair on Drake’s  So Far Gone tape. The beat was so boring, the Santigold feature is a headache and it aged like milk on a 97 degree day in the blistering sun. Yuck. To be a song by two rap legends on what some consider to be his best project, if not close too, this song just didn’t live up to even the lowest of standards. I don’t know what the culture was going through in ‘09 that demanded this but in hindsight, they could’ve kept this one. 

35) Pass the Dutch – We Are Young Money (2009) 

  • Honestly, this could’ve been ranked higher if it was just Drake and Wayne. It says a lot about my hate for most of the YM roster outside of Nicki Minaj and Tyga. Cool beat, slick rapping but outside of the listening party me and Cam had, I haven’t ever gone back to that track. While I understand that this was the coming out party for the Young Money collective, I wish they didn’t put every single member on every song. This song could’ve lived way longer than it did but clearly at 35 we have more than enough to look forward to than “Pass the Dutch”. 

34) With You – I Am Not a Human Being (2010)  

  • Wayne seemingly started deteriorating as a lyricist at this point. The first four bars are beyond terrible. I love the beat, Drake sang well. Wayne messed up this song bad though. I remember this song blowing up when it came out but to this day I don’t really know why. Maybe it was the smooth soul sample or the “I’m Single” reminiscent hook but it really was a lackluster performance for the artists we’re talking about here. 

33) Stuntin’ – Dedication 3 (2008) 

  • Punchline Drake was all over this track and it makes sense considering it is Wayne’s legendary Dedication series. And it was cool, then Weezy used his autotune voice and that ended my enjoyment of it. This was a period of time where Drake was still trying to prove himself from all the “you’re too soft because you’re light-skinned and sing” commentary. This manifested itself into one of the better verses from him around this time, then one of the more atrocious verses from Wayne followed. It’s a miss for me. 

32) No Frauds – Nicki Minaj’s single – (2017) 

  • Cam is more of a fan of this track than me, I think it could’ve been the lowest for me personally. I hardly remember Drake and Wayne’s verses, and the diss track to Remy Ma was wack to me. But it is remembered more than the previous tracks I mentioned above, so this seemed like a fair spot. This song is also pretty low because it’s basically a Nicki song while Drake and Weezy provide “clean-up” afterwards. Despite solid verses, they’re also pretty forgettable and in a discussion about Wayne and Drake… it’s not what we came here for.  

31) I Do It – BOATS II (2013) 

  • I remember liking this track a lot more when it first came out, but compared to these other tracks, it doesn’t come close for me. The beat never really switched and Drake and Wayne got shown up by 2 Chainz. This isn’t even the best Chainz and Drake or Chainz and Wayne collab. So then putting all three together and this was the result? I’m sorry but this song didn’t do anything for me.  

30) Ransom – Drake Single (2008) 

  • The intro of Drake saying he got high for the first time in three months was corny, but this beat had that head-bob feel. This was one of the first tracks that led to greatness for the duo. They both went off on this. 

29) 4 My Town (Play Ball) – Priceless (2009) 

  • What a bop carried by Wayne and Drake. This gets a decent ranking based on the fact that this was off Birdman’s album and they both had to carry this track on their back (obviously). Disregarding a hilarious monologue by Birdman at the beginning of the track, Drake takes advantage of the beat and gives one of his more confident performances around this time. Followed by Wayne not getting in his own way with auto-tune, this was a solid record looking-back. 

28) Ignant Shit – So Far Gone (2009) 

  • Drizzy pretty much decided to put Wayne on damn near every single track of this album. It was the correct decision though, as this was some “Ignant Shit” that they were talking. They left it all on this track, but didn’t have that hit-factor that some others did. Honestly, this track was really good but I think this being at 28 speaks to these artists’ greatness. No-hook and just verses over a Jay-Z homage and Isley Brothers sample is always great.  

27) Bedrock – We Are Young Money (2009)  

  • Okay, can we be honest about this track? It aged awfully. Back in middle-school, this song absolutely smacked at parties. But it’s really not a good song at all, especially considering all the hits that we are about to discuss. It just doesn’t match up. I’m a little higher on this song than Brandan but I must admit as soon as the song starts I cringe. We all probably know every word and It’s great to reminisce but in all honesty if you pull up blasting “My room is the G spot, Call me Mr. Flintstone” in your car today, I promise you that you’re getting clowned.  

26) Fuck Da Bullshit – We Are Young Money (2009) 

  • One of the more solid tracks off this album filled with meh’s. It’s short and to the point with some really good production. It goes hard. Many will see this above bedrock and be outraged without listening to both tracks. I promise you that F*** Da Bulls*** has better production and verses by far… just do the science. 

25) It’s Good – Tha Carter IV (2011)  

  • This track is a hidden gem with a solid Jadakiss verse to start the track off. It’s one of the hardest the two have done and I could’ve easily put this up higher but you know, there had to be compromises (god damn you Cam). If I’m being honest, I don’t know why I had such a vendetta against this song. If you’re into real/hard rap this might be higher on the list for you but I just thought everything after this point was a better song. I can admit when I’m wrong. 

24) Man of the Year – Comeback Season (2007) 

  • The track that started it all for them. It probably got ranked higher for that reason, but honestly the uplifting beat and Drake snapping for three minutes straight, you saw the talent the young man from Canada had and the longevity he could create for himself. Like Drake’s career, this song has longevity too. Arguably the “Man of the Year” for the last ten years, Drake went crazy on this record accompanied by Wayne. 

23) Truffle Butter – The Pinkprint (2014)  

  • Despite the meaning of “truffle butter” being gross, the track could be played at a club today and I would kill it on the dance floor. The track is still an absolute vibe and Drake and Nicki floated on this banger. If we really consider all the EDM remixes that were spawned as a result of this song we could make an argument it’s way bigger than where we have it. Nonetheless, in an argument about Wayne and Drake points are deducted when it’s really neither of their songs. 

22) Right Above It – I Am Not a Human Being (2010) 

  • Truth be told, I still do like this track a lot, even though it is lower on this list. Drake killed his verse and I still remember every line. Wayne hook was great and the production was on some inspirational sounds. Wayne verses at the end do nothing for me. And that’s where the problem lies. But I will still scream his lyrics at my local house party, make no question about it.
  • I remember loving this song when it came out but not so much now. Something needs to be said for the songs I can still sing every word but the continuous arpeggio just is annoying to me now. Saved by a stellar Wayne performance I think this is rightfully a top 25 song in the list. 

21) Gonorrhea – I Am Not a Human Being (2010) 

  • This track still goes so hard, I can’t believe we didn’t rank this higher. Even though I’m still not sure the reasoning for calling this “Gonorrhea”, it didn’t matter because Wayne and Drake went crazy on this track. Except for the two girls one cup line Wayne spits in the first verse, could have done without that. This is another example of my “It’s Good” disdain where, to be honest, the song is good but it just doesn’t do it for me. Great song but I just can’t rank this garbage hook in a Wayne and Drake top 20… no thanks. 

20) Successful – So Far Gone (2009) 

  • Drake and Trey Songz were special on this song, simply put. No question about it. Trey was beautiful on the hook, it was gorgeous. Meanwhile Drake went off on all three verses and that song hits my soul in a different way.
  • Wayne’s verse at the end though was really not needed. If there was ever a useless verse from either one, it was this one. In all transparency I completely forgot Wayne had a verse on this record. It says something when Trey Songz is more notable than Lil Wayne (I swear I’m not hating). With that said, you can pretty much see why it’s not any higher on the list or lower for that matter.  

19) Grindin’ – Lil Wayne single (2014)  

  • I forgot how great this track is, this was a jam my senior year of high school. The beat still sounds fresh and once again bars are being flown from both artists. And they just made this song for no reason other than to put it out. For all the right reasons this song reminds me of a more refined version of Stuntin’. All of the development and six years later proved fruitful for the duo in this single.  

18) Only – Pinkprint (2014)  

  • “I never fucked Wayne, I never fucked Drake!” What a line to start a song off with. The song is a hit and Nicki at this point was pretty much on top of her game. Drake was getting into his bag with this song and Wayne did more than enough to not ruin this song. It has memorable bars and made every guy uncomfortable to listen to it just for that first bar.
  • Drake and Wayne addressing the long-winded rumor of f***ing with Nicki did more than accentuate this massive record but made it for me. Every verse really went crazy looking back at this record. 

17) Money To Blow – Priceless (2009) 

  • Me and Cam have each one song where our personal love will crack high on this list. Even though I like this song, I personally wouldn’t have put this song over a few of these tracks. This beat is super infectious though, Drake and Wayne ate this track. Also Birdman didn’t ruin it so that is huge.
  • Call it what you want but nothing really beats hearing this beat drop and immediately rapping along to “I am on a 24 hour champagne diet”… and if you feel me at all then you already know who supplied it. I’m appalled that Drake let one of his best verses of the year go to a Birdman album but that’s not what we’re debating. Furthermore followed by a flawless Wayne verse, I think a lot of people get hung up on the typical Birdman shenanigans but definitely a personal favorite of mine. 

16) Family Feud – Dedication 6 (2017)  

  • This track is super important to the friendship and loyalty the two have for each other. This was coming at the peak of Birdman essentially robbing Wayne of his money and Drake decided to stick up for his mentor. His family.
  • Both came through with maybe their best flow and bars in quite some time. I would have personally put this in the top 10, but understandably it didn’t have that staying power of the other huge hits. This record fell through the cracks with it being a one-off mixtape-type record only to be found on YouTube and Soundcloud. The masses won’t recognize the depth of this record but for what it’s worth, [I’ll admit] it’s an amazing record. 

15) She Will – Tha Carter IV (2011) 

  • The Drake hook here is legendary, this track was an absolute vibe when thrown on. I think the ranking for me is low, but taking into consideration that Wayne and Drake made bigger songs than this in 2011 alone is wild.
  • Outside of the hook, Drake’s performance, or lack thereof, was just meh to me. This record should probably be higher for what it did. Nonetheless, I can’t be the only one that was over this record not soon after it was released. Something should be said for songs that got run into the ground by radio but it is what it is. 

14) Pop That – Excuse My French (2012) 

  • This track will make any party or club go bat-shit crazy. In 2035 we will still be throwing this banger on and enjoying the chemistry of Drake, Wayne, Rick Ross and French Montana. What a moment this track was, it has aged gracefully. Legendary track with one of Wayne and Drake’s most recognized verses.  

13) Love Me – I Am Not a Human Being 2 (2013) 

  • While Drake wasn’t on this track much besides the second-half of the hook, Wayne floated on this production. It’s an star-studded lineup on this track, which included Future and made this one of Wayne’s more enjoyable hits.
  • The autotune wasn’t used either, so that made the track that much more listenable for me. What a Time meets Young Money and it produced a top 15 collab as it should have. All love for this track is deserved. 

12) Every Girl – We Are Young Money (2009) 

  • I really don’t know what it is about this track, but it’s still just as replayable as it was in 2009. It’s amazing because it’s five minutes long and filled with the mediocre Young Money roster and actually still came through nicely. The autotune and Mack Maine verse is still terrible though. This song aged the way we expected Bedrock to age. Finer than wine and will still turn up a throwback set at any brunch setting.  

11) No New Friends – No New Friends (2013) 

  • This was the track every kid in high school would scream and make their captions with their bro’s at the prom after-party. This was the track for your tight-knit crew to say that everyone was going to stay together forever, which turned out to be a lie. But it is such an impactful song with the all-star team of Drake, Wayne and Rick Ross on DJ Khaled’s album. Still runs smoothly in 2020.  

10) Used To – If You’re Reading This It’s Too Late (2015) 

  • Wow, what a catchy track on Drake’s best project. They both flowed all over this track with both of them finding inspiration to kill. The chemistry between Weezy and Drizzy is just asinine. “When they say I’m too famous to pack a gat, I gotta remind em about where I’m from” is my favorite line Wayne had in years.
  • This song alone was probably responsible for a large percentage of the captions that we were all using back in ‘15, notably “They don’t love you like they used” and “Every time they are talking, it’s behind yah back.” The sentiment of “new friends all in their old feelings” resonated quite a bit. 

9) I’m On One – We the Best Forever (2011)  

  • DJ Khaled back in the day used to curate some brilliant hits. This is the best track that Ricky Rozay was a part of. They are all talking that shit about being rich and successful. So many of these tracks include Drake giving some of the best hooks he ever has, this is up there.
  • Further elaborating on the lack of care he has from being so rich in the hook is embellished by the penthouse with newly moved furniture in the video speaking to the newness of Drake’s status at the time. “I’m on One” bolstered by amazing verses from Ross and Wayne is exactly why this song was bigger than Andre the Giant.  

8) I’m Goin In – So Far Gone (2009) 

  • “Hello motherf***a, hey hi how you doin?” is when I knew this track was about to be insane. I don’t know why, but I just felt it in my bones. I will still play this song at just about any time throughout my life. Drake was super aggressive, Jeezy was an amazing addition and Wayne made it iconic. I’m getting hype just writing about it.
  • Amazing production catapulted this song as far as it is, but with one of the best verses from a budding star in drake made me believe that he really “made hoes wobble like a bridge in an earthquake!” Bars left and right made for a fulfilling experience that’s much more timeless than anyone would think when this was released back in ‘09. 

7) The Real Her – Take Care (2011) 

  • This isn’t a hit single, but in terms of emotional hip-hop that Drake was perfecting at this point this track is super important. The slow, melancholy mood of this really puts you in the perspective of where Drake was at in 2011.
  • He probably got made fun of for making this type of music, but getting Andre 3000 on this was a power-move. I’m not sure what it is but Lil Wayne has this weird superpower of making emotional hip-hop resonate much more than the next artist. His verse is the perfect touch that takes this song to the next level before even mentioning three stacks. 

6) Forever – Relapse: Refill (2009) 

  • Drake and Wayne made so much music together in 2009, it was almost overkill. You couldn’t get a more super-star dynamic than Drake, Wayne, Eminem and Kanye West. Four powers came together and made a sound of inspiration for every high-school, college and professional sporting event.
  • Truly a moment in time, even if aged kind of poorly, you have to be happy with the product at the end of the day. It was a moment. Someone please tell me why before the video LeBron was playing online poker on a beatz laptop! Well it’s good to know that what was cool in ‘09 has been buried and forgotten, however what hasn’t been forgotten is how Drake and Wayne were responsible for putting this heater out.  

5) The Motto – Take Care (2011)  

  • The production on this is simple, but the track still became a hit out of nowhere to me. It was a bonus track but it being on Drake’s most successful album along with the music video increased the song’s staying power and popularity.
  • The two carried the track with memorable bars and sleek flows. Not a favorite in terms of reminiscing but for a long time this was Drake’s most successful song. That rightfully so was a still the birth of another memorable Wayne verse.  

4) Believe Me – Lil Wayne single (2014)  

  • Drake was letting every listener know his place in the game with this track. So many times Drake and Wayne seem to almost have a battle on who can have the best verse and Drizzy took the win on this one.
  • The production was lowkey, but hard-hitting all the same. A jam for the ages, neither missed on this. Years after the peak of YMCMB you can still hear the venom coming from both artists. No question that Wayne and Drake’s affirmation that no one can cover for them solidified that they were still the ones to beat at the time with this single.  

3) HYFR – Take Care (2011) 

  • This song was no doubt in my mind a top-three song from them. They both have an aura together that is unmatched. This hook is known by every fan of hip-hop, there is no doubt in my mind. It stays true to being one of their most acclaimed songs with a grandiose beat and direct flows.
  • This will never age poorly. I’m still wondering why Wayne wore a panda ski mask in the video but I’m not wondering if the verse was fire or not! Most certainly not a miss by any means, this song is timeless and deserving of a top three spot on this list.  

2) Uptown – So Far Gone (2009) 

  • Out of all the songs they made together in ‘09, this is their best one. The smoothest track I have ever listened to and 11 years later, it still remains true. The confidence Drake, Lil Wayne and Bun B have is straight beauteous.
  • It’s staying power is so impressive, the amount of times I have thrown this on at any house party and the love it receives remains the same; pure joy. They all killed this track with bars. I think that the harmony Wayne brings between his rock phase and still flowing in pocket on this beat takes his verse to the next level. Not to mention the mix of punchline Drake and what was to come in working towards his next album developed into one of his best songs to date. 

1) Miss Me – Thank Me Later (2010) 

  • This is without a doubt the number one song they have made together. It is no question, everything about this is perfection. The iconic bars, the luxuriously hard production and the chemistry was on a different planet. 2010 didn’t have many songs with them together, they did it all in 2009.
  • They perfected this track though, all of their energy was put in perfect harmony. I have said the word “perfect” a few times already, but that is exactly what it is. You hear the horns in the beginning and you immediately know the words that are about to come out. This is number one for Weezy F. Baby and Mr. Do Right And Kill Everything.