Giveon – TAKE TIME (Review)

A new R&B artist has popped up on the scene, and his name is Giveon. The man from Long Beach, California came up out of nowhere but blew up thanks in large part to Drake. Yes, the OVO kingpin that keeps on giving dropped another dope artist into our laps. Many of you may have first heard Giveon’s deep yet angelic voice featured on “Chicago Freestyle”. Prior to that, he had three, maybe four songs out on streaming platforms. This new EP, Take Time, is the first time his name had popped up on my radar as I only kind of remembered his hook on Drake’s single. Walking into a project with no expectations can be scary, especially when Giveon said in an interview with, “You wouldn’t be able to tell I’m from Long Beach-based on my music.”

When a new artist comes through with great music, it’s a crazy feeling. Giveon gave me that feeling with his debut EP. The man can hit any note you ask him to and the talent here seems limitless. All throughout this record, he tests the boundaries on what he can do with his voice over dramatic and luscious production. Giveon’s subject matter is relatable in terms of finding love. He lets us know about all of the feelings that come with the highs and lows of a relationship.

“THE BEACH” sets it off, showing his girl where he is from and the dangers of it. It shows how strong the relationship is by how she will be by his side, thus offering “I’ll put your love on a pedestal, whatever you want imma get it for you, hop in the whip we can make it go skrt, show you the city that made me like this.” The next song might be the most powerful on the entire EP, “WORLD WE CREATED.” This is the highest of highs: falling deep in love and seeing the brightness of their relationship. You get a few obsessive vibes on “TAKE TIME (INTERLUDE)” and “FAVORITE MISTAKE”, creating the sense something is going on.

The next half of the EP shows the lows of this relationship. “THIS AINT LOVE” starts the downfall, where feelings are clearly driving these two apart. The conversation at the end transitions to “HEARTBREAK ANNIVERSARY” when things are officially over. Giveon paints a beautiful picture of how badly this relationship has gotten. With this track, his voice hits super emotional notes that show we’re clearly in heartbreak season. “LIKE I WANT YOU” is Giveon’s final attempt to make things right. He pretends that everything is okay while wondering where things went wrong. “VANISH” gives off even more despair vibes, as he is still holding onto a love that may potentially be gone. It’s a breakdown of the thought process a man goes through with a love situation that went sour. It can be hard to grasp a break-up or change in feelings.

Giveon showcases his ability to not only make R&B but mix in other genres as well. From Soul to Hip-Hop, he gives off incredible vibes and showcases immense talent. He hits every note like it’s his last and it is beautiful. With more time, Giveon could make an incredible album for fans to digest. With TAKE TIME though, he gives you a glimpse of what he will be offering. He proves that he isn’t your typical R&B artist on this EP, and thankfully for us, it’s a good thing.

Score: 8.6/10