Dom .B Wants To Know ‘What’s The Move’ This Summer 

Dom .B What's The Move

Dom .B has a “song of the summer” contender on her hands. Singing over a drill beat is a first for the New Jersey native, but on her latest single “What’s The Move,” she masters the new sound with ease.

“What’s the Move is my first song with a fast tempo and, of course, my first drill beat,” the singer explained. “Truthfully, I listen to much more hip-hop than R&B. This song was fun to sing at a faster pace. This is as close to rapping as I will probably get.”

Dom .B What's The Move

The concept for “What’s The Move” was inspired by the singer’s gym playlist, which includes hip-hop artists known for their drill beats, such as Bronx native Ice Spice.

“I’ve been loving Ice Spice and started listening to her daily in the gym. Naturally, my for you page on TikTok began showing me lots of videos with drill beats. I found myself on YouTube one day, listening to drill beats, and came across one I liked,” she recalled. “After that, I linked with my boy Gibbs, who produced the song; the rest was history.”

In the first three lines of the chorus, Dom .B paints a picture of what she’s looking for this summer. “So what’s the move/ Im trying to kick it with you/I need somewhere with a view,” she sings.

Two of her favorite lines from the song shout out her home state:  “Just a Jersey girl with a lot of attitude.” While the other exudes her confidence,  “Pull up on me you might like it a lot.” 

As she closes out the song, the drill beat pushes out, and Dom .B’s vulnerability is seen for the first time with the line “Hoping that the feeling can be mutual” repeating at the song’s end.

Prior to the release of “What’s The Move,” the singer released her third EP Relapse in 2022.

If you’re looking for a summer slide song to add to your playlist this is the one. You can follow Dom .B on Instagram and Twitter for more updates on new music.

“What’s The Move” is available on all streaming platforms. Listen to the song below: