CyHi Releases Innovative Visual Promo Series “BARCODE” for His Upcoming Album

CyHi, formerly known as CyHi the Prince has quietly had an extremely successful career. Starting off in the early 2010s, CyHi first made his mark by contributing to the critically acclaimed Kanye West album, My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

Numerous mixtapes and writing credits later, CyHi appeared in 2017 with his acclaimed debut album, No Dope On Sundays. CyHi has long been praised as an elite MC, but No Dope On Sundays showcased his ability to create songs with structure, quality hooks, and well-placed features. Since then, CyHi has been very quiet outside of racking up writing credits for the GOOD music camp. But here we are, in 2020 CyHi is back and he just released the first episode off of his new digital series titled “BARCODE”.

I’ve been kept silent for awhile, just biding my time, but now I’m ready to start sharing myself in a way I haven’t done before, BARCODE has allowed me to showcase my screenwriting skills and acting ability in the most creative and impactful way possible” – CyHi

The innovative series is star-studded and features the likes of B. Simone, Emmanuel Hudson, Desi Banks, Nav, Karlous, Trizzy, Phillip Hudson, Chico Bean, Wallo267, Money Bag Mafia, and Tracy T. It incorporates skits, live performances, and interactive Q&A’s with CyHi himself. The names CyHi gathered alone is a testament to his ability to create relationships in the music industry without having to be seen. With No Dope On Sundays on his resume, there’s never been so much anticipation for a CyHi project since his breakthrough on My Beautiful Dark Twisted Fantasy.

The “BARCODE” series is available on Instagram via @CyHi.

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