Angie Stone Wants To Know Your ‘Love Language’: Interview

Angie Stone

Angie Stone is back. The Grammy-nominated singer released her tenth studio album Love Language back in May. The project was led by singles “Kiss You,” “Good Man,” and “The Gym,” featuring R&B legend Musiq Soulchild. While many of the influential singer’s past albums have spotlit her neo-soul background, Love Language uses Stones’ ability to shapeshift into a body of work that not only means a lot to her but that resonates to music’s current climate.

“I feel good knowing that I was able to come up with something that is relevant, that is still interesting to the world, that makes sense that that I like. You know, it’s one thing to do a project, but it’s a whole ‘nother thing to do a project that you actually like yourself,” she explained. “This project is one that I am actually extremely excited about because I like the music. Every album does not rub me this way, but this one kind of rubbed me that way. I feel good about it.”

In terms of keeping up with trends and what is currently being utilized more by artists in recent years, Stone is no exception on Love Language with the use of a Jersey club mix. You can see how the vibrant dance mix originating in the Garden State propelled Lil Uzi Vert’s “Just Wanna Rock,” making their first solo No. 1. On Stone’s Love Language, she provided three different remixes one using Jersey club. 

“We want to give you a variety because they’re going to do to put their own spin on it anyway. That club remix was something that we knew that the kids would gravitate to and low and behold, as soon as I played that at a listening party, the kids just went bananas,” she pointed out. “It just let me know that where we are in life, that that fast up tempo be that that that is what gets the kids going. They they go bananas. So I feel good about it.”

While Stone shows to be someone who is adapting with music’s current landscape, she also made note of how important it is to stay authentic in the ever changing industry.  “Stay in your own lane, create your own journey, your own pathway, be original, come up with something nobody else is doing,” the Black Diamond creator said. “The only way you’re ever going to stand out is to be original. To be a copycat is just that. To copy someone else will never show your true identity.”

You can stream Love Language on all streaming platforms. Watch our full interview with Stone above.