Best Sneaker Drops Of December 2020

It’s been a weird year for sneakers as the coronavirus continues unabated throughout the world. While there’s been a decent amount of heat dropping from month to month, it’s been a personal struggle to pick up new kicks. As someone who believes strongly in wearing your sneakers (I know, a crazy idea), it’s tough to justify dropping $180-$200 when we’re not going outside as much. I’m sure the economic downturn has made things more difficult for others out there too. The sneaker companies have had to reorient their operations due to the deteriorating retail climate and pushed back some highly anticipated drops in the process.

Not to paraphrase the president*, but we might be rounding the corner. The last week of November gave us Kobe V Protros, the Pharrell Hu NMDs, the Jordan IV Fire Red, and an entire Super Mario Collection from Puma. December is continuing the trend with a lot to look forward to. Here are the most intriguing sneaker drops for the month of December:


Some of you may have been lucky enough to score a pair during the shock drop a few weeks ago, but the rest of us are going to have to press our luck on later this month. The good news is it sounds like Nike made a ton of models. This shoe looks absolutely stunning with the black patent leather going around the sides and the white and silver details with the Jordan branding. It’s a perfect colorway and overall design for a shoe set to commemorate its 25th anniversary.

The Air Jordan 11 “Jubilee” will release on December 12th and will sell for $220.


I had no idea who J Balvin was before researching this shoe. I thought he was another designer Nike was working with ala Sean Wotherspoon, Sean Elliot, or even Virgil Abloh. Come to find out, he’s a massively successful Latin music star, and looking at this Nike collab, you can kind of see why. The shoe looks absolutely crazy with a rainbow knit (or is it canvas?) upper adorned with jagged accents. The smiley face was added to the heel and goes even further to make this more of J Balvin shoe. This shoe drops December 8 on the SNKRs app and will be retailing at $190.


With the 350 V2, there’s nothing new that we haven’t already seen at this point. We’ve got the black Primekint upper with the red accents and the black Boost outsole. As far as fit, I’ve always gone a half size up with mine but I know some people with smaller feet say they’re true to size. These are still a highly sought after shoe with a high resale value, but it also looks like Yeezy are releasing more pairs than they usually do, so hopefully, it won’t be too hard to buy when they release. The Yeezy 350 V2 Bred drop on Saturday, December 5 and they are retailing at $220.


I’ve seen these called the “Iowa Hawkeyes” and the Wu-Tang Dunks in different corners of the internet, but whatever they want to be called, they are dope as hell. I am a sucker for a black and yellow colorway and the Dunk High is one of my all-time favorite Nike silos so I’m excited for these. The Nike Dunk High “Varsity Maize” will drop on December 9 and retails for $120.


Other than the “Aqua” 8s and South Beach colorway, I’ve never been too taken with the 8s, but these are very intriguing. This might look like a plain design compared to some of the other Jordan’s on this list, but the burgundy and grey accents really class this pair up. I wish it was sold in men’s sizes, but I can totally see this design being popular with the ladies. Hell, I might even have to pick up a pair as a Christmas gift for someone. The Jordan 8 “Beatroot” will release on December 8th and retails at $190.


This fall we’ve seen a lot of new gear from the Nintendo and Puma collaboration and these shoes look like another winner. This pair of Puma Future Riders evoke the original design of the Nintendo Entertainment System, even including a gamepad motif. If the popularity of the RS-X Super Mario is any indicator, these should sell pretty well too. These drop on December 4th at $90.


I’m not a big fan of the direction the KDs have gone in the last couple of years. I loved the 9s and 10s but they haven’t done really done anything that’s caught my eye ever since. And while none of the 13s have been that interesting to me, this particular colorway is a special one because it’s a callback to the New Jersey Nets throwback jerseys that will be an alternative for the team this upcoming season. I can only hope that the designers of the KD line are willing to take more chances with this silo to match the colorways going forward. The KD 13 “Tie Dye” will drop on December 12th and will retail at $150.


I just got my first pair of Adapt BBs (the cement BB 2.0s) and they are easily the coolest shoe I’ve ever worn. I’ve always been partial to laceless shoes, but self-lacing technology is intriguing as well, particularly from a performance point of view (Nike needs to add these to some golf cleats ASAP). Seeing this innovation make its way into a pair of Jordans, particularly one of my favorite models, the Jordan 11, is really exciting. The $500 price point may be prohibitive to most (would you rather have these or the PS5?) but if I can get my hands on them, you better believe I’ll cop. These are dropping on December 30th.