You Should Watch This: Mare of Easttown

Now that life has slowed down a bit, I’ve jumped back into TV. One show that received a lot of praise, even though the trailer didn’t necessarily speak to me, is HBO’s mini-series Mare of Easttown.

Kate Winslet stars as Mare Sheehan, a former star basketball player renowned for her feats so much she is nicknamed Lady Hawk after the team’s mascot.

Twenty-five years later with a daughter and grandchild, Mare serves as a detective in Easttown investigating the missing child of one of her Lady Hawk teammates Dawn Bailey, in addition to another incident that has unfolded in the town as of episode one.

I personally love when shows draw you right into the action and being only seven episodes long at about an hour a pop, things will progress very fast in this mini-series. I was disappointed with how The Undoing ended but loved The Night Of. Being one episode in, I’ll have to come back to What You Expect’s new comment section to talk about my thoughts on how it ended. But please HBO, keep the mini-series coming!

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