American Horror Story – Double Feature Theory ‘The Walker Connection’



As someone who appreciates the ‘twists and turns’ that come with American Horror Story, I am excited for what connections this season may hold with a previous season. I am currently rewatching old seasons to freshen up on the story lines and happened to watch Asylum as the new episodes for season 10 were dropping .

Asylum was the last time any reference of alien life was made as Kit Walker experienced when his wife, Alma, went missing. Before I really dig into this, let’s recap where we currently stand in the 2nd half of season 10.

Kit Walker in Asylum (Season 2) when he was abducted by aliens.

Death Valley is told from two different perspectives: when aliens first made contact in 1963 and the story of 4 young adults’ interactions with aliens in 2021. In 1963, we see President Dwight Eisenhower make contact with the aliens as they demand to speak to the US leaders and subsequently make some sort of deal. The aliens are no longer able to inhabit their planet and must assimilate to Earth.

In order for their species to continue, they must become a ‘hybrid-human/alien species’ and have brokered a deal for the US government to allow their experiments to have test subjects. In exchange for 5,000 humans, the aliens will provide the US with technology (essentially microwaves and other items that were created in this era). As I wrote this last sentence I suddenly began to think about air fryers and how they might just be alien technology (L O L).

Alien’s in the body of ‘Betty Hill’ - her and Barney are a real life disappearance linked with alien abduction.
Alien’s in the body of ‘Betty Hill’ – her and Barney are a real life disappearance linked with alien abduction.

Giving a story and answering the ‘unknown’ to history’s mysteries is one of AHS’ strengths in writing, Amelia Earhart being abducted by aliens and not aging in the entire time she is gone was a nice touch. Clearly, aging is not a factor when humans are being experimented on (ie; the markings on Earhart’s back resemble those of crop circles).

Then to say that John F. Kennedy was assassinated due to wanting to reveal the alien treaty to the public was also another fine twist by the writers. Being that the initial treaty was made in 1963, we finally have a logical explanation for Kit Walker being abducted – he was one of the 5,000 abductees in the first two years of the treaty (Walker abducted in 1964).

Amelia Earhart found with markings on her back after being abducted.
Amelia Earhart found with markings on her back after being abducted.

Isn’t it just a feeling of fulfillment when a new connection is made between seasons? Before I deep dive into further connections I want to note the experiences of the 2021 story in ‘Death Valley’. 4 college graduates decide to take a camping trip without technology due to Kendall’s relation with her professor who happens to be a Luddite.

Luddites were weavers and textile workers who opposed the technology in the early 19th-century that would essentially make their jobs obsolete. A modern day Luddite would be anyone who is opposed to conforming to society’s technological advancements. The flashback of the professor’s speech that had Kendall enamored discussed the technological advances the world had in the last 50 or so years were so drastic that if someone from pre 1960s were placed in the world today they would essentially ‘lose their mind’ trying to comprehend the new world.

Consequently, this foreshadows the Luddites being more than a class/club to reference in this season as the group itself may be aware of the alien technology and their opposition of accepting the technology is an act of protest.

The group (Kendall, Cal, Jamie, and Troy) agree to go on a camping trip without their cellphones (Kendall insisted). The terrain changes as they look for a pond that is no longer there and run into cows that have been cut in half with no blood.

Did I mention that the half-cut cows mooed at the group? They freak out and get in their vehicle and drive back home. They end up seeing a bright light that disorients them. When they regain consciousness they realize Jamie is nowhere to be found and they are all in different seats of the vehicle. As they start to drive again they find Jamie on the floor of the dirt road on their way home.

The group make it home safe and days later all 4 of them are pregnant. They get checked out by Jamie’s doctor who freaks out when she sees whats in her stomach and men in suits arrive and incapacitate the impregnated group and kill the doctor. They awake in a futuristic-alien based lab.

The abductions between Asylum and Death Valley are about 53 years apart. We are going to start to analyze the differences in abductions and what they experienced. Kit Walker had sex with Alma (his wife) before she was consequently abducted.

In that initial abduction, he has a ‘mechanic-bug’ implanted on his neck (reference image below) that began to move on its own. It is safe to say that this will be referenced in flashbacks to the 1960s in future episodes. Could this have been a tracking mechanism to let the aliens know of their experiments being found? Grace, a fellow patient at the asylum, also was abducted and saved by the aliens after having sex with Kit. There has to be some reasoning behind why his woman of interest continue to be taken.

In connection with the 2021 abductions, there does not seem to be mechanic bugs in their necks or any mention of it. They experience painful ‘birth’ and may not necessarily survive. Grace does confirm when she speaks to Kit in Asylum that Alma did not make it. The births are consistent with the dangers involved. Julia and Thomas were birthed successfully and somehow Alma is alive even though Grace saw her die. Personally, I cannot wait for the flashbacks of these moments and how they play into the modern day births.

Kit Walker had a ‘mechanic-bug’ implanted in his neck that reacted and moved on its own.
Kit Walker had a ‘mechanic-bug’ implanted in his neck that reacted and moved on its own.

There must be something in Kit’s genetic makeup that must be ideal for the aliens to want his ‘seed’. His kids were gifted as Julia became a neurosurgeon at John Hopkins and Thomas became a professor of science at Harvard.

A connection I believe we will see is that the aliens are responsible for the ‘pills’ in “‘Red Tide’ and come from the blood or research of Julia and Thomas as they show signs of being ‘gifted’. The career paths the children went with could also prove to have telling ramifications as this may have been directed by the aliens themselves. Ensuring the possible first ‘hybrid’ children be well versed in medical science would give way for further technological advancements and a deeper understanding of human anatomy.

Backtracking, as children they grew a bond with Sister Jude when she was recovering from her ‘illness’ and had a moment where they walked outside the house with her during one of her episodes. After that moment she regained her sanity and lived out the rest of her life with the family. I believe this scene will connect the kids with the aliens as something helped ‘cure’ Sister Jude.

Julia and Thomas take Sister Jude outside and she returns gaining back her sanity - future alien connection?
Julia and Thomas take Sister Jude outside and she returns gaining back her sanity – future alien connection?

Kit Walker became ill with pancreatic cancer in the 1980s and we are showed a scene with him looking at the same white light that the season started off with confirming that the aliens abducted him again. A context clue that he is not dead is the fact that his children opted not to have a funeral because they wanted to ‘celebrate his life’.

That will be proven false as we find out that Kit is with the aliens and as we have seen with Amelia Earhart, he will not have aged and for all we know the aliens cured his cancer. His kids surely saw their father’s health deteriorating and wanted to keep him alive. Julia and Thomas will be key characters in the 2nd half and may even interact with the cast of the 1960s and 2021. Kit’s appearance will be the ‘domino-effect’ that catapults the story into a ‘world-connecting’ story arc.

Kit moments before he is abducted - due to his kids trying to save him?
Kit moments before he is abducted – due to his kids trying to save him?

The ultimate connection between ‘Red Tide’ and ‘Death Valley’ will be the pills are alien testing to get the DNA of the most gifted individuals and harvest their DNA for the ‘hybrid’ species the aliens are creating. This may be why Steve Jobs makes an appearance in the latest episode. One thing I am sure of is the Walker family will surely be at the root of the storyline as it unfolds this season.

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