You Should Watch This: Your Honor

Sunday, 2/14, Showtime’s hit series ‘Your Honor’ finally wrapped up its 10 episode season and the finale was everything I was looking for. Prior to the weekend, it was announced that there would only be one season of ‘Your Honor’ so I was skeptical because there was so much left to be told. I will see it seemed rushed but the ending was the perfect twist.

You should watch ‘Your Honor’

Bryan Cranston stars as a New Orleans judge who is forced to confront his own deepest convictions when his son is involved in a hit and run that embroils an organized crime family. As a storm of vengeance, lies, and deceit threatens to engulf the entire city, Michael Desiato faces a series of increasingly impossible choices and discovers just how far an honest man will go to save his son’s life. The show was made by the producers of The Good Wife and The Night Of.

The show definitely had its ups and downs. There were times when the show was unrealistic. I do not want to do any spoilers but there is no reason the court case should have gone the way that it went. The Judge spent the whole series lying and deceiving everyone around him just to save his son. He was nearly put in jail and even nearly dead during the series. ‘ Your Honor’ was a massive rollercoaster ride! The acting is 10 out of 10 thus if you’re an acting buff, this is definitely the show for you.

I highly suggest watching this series. The two most notable things I got from this show are a parent will do whatever it takes to protect their child and you cannot run from your fate.

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