What You Expect sits with Tynan Leachman

Tynan is a man of many talents. He’s an established model, featuring in multiple brand campaigns such as Forever 21, Alo Men, Fabletics and others. He’s acted in Empire. He’s done a whole lot, you’ll honestly have a hard time trying to find out what he can’t do. With that being said, I had the pleasure to check in with one of the most talented people I know to ask how 2021 has been treating him. 

How’s your mental health been through the pandemic?

My mental health has been highly prioritized, with so much going on in today’s society it’s increasingly more important to me to have a sound mind & body. Finding new things to read , exercise and relaxation when I can is what has become important to me.

How has working through the pandemic been?

Working throughout the pandemic was intense to say the least. I couldn’t have been more grateful though to have been healthy throughout our past lockdown first and foremost.

How has the transition been from Chicago to the west coast?

The transition has been smooth sailing for the most part . Everyday I feel blessed to be able to have a job that I love to go into everyday and one that offers new experiences . The “best” coast has been abundant with blessings.

What inspired the move?

I don’t think that there will ever be a time Chicago doesn’t feel like home to me. Growing up there, developing the most meaningful relationships I have in my life there. I will always hold Chicago in a close place in my heart. An incredible support system, an entire team of amazing agents, and the man above made this all possible. I’m excited to continue my journey in a new city and experience a life I’ve always dreamed and joked about, everyday feels surreal.

Talk about the Beyoncé Ivy experience and just experiencing that type of opportunity?

The Ivy Park experience was one that opened my eyes a great deal. I’ve been modeling professionally now for over 3 years and having the opportunity to work with an individual that you listen to, everyone you know listens to, and such an overall amazingly gifted person, I cried the whole plane ride. I hadn’t shared the story with too many due to the complications with the shoot but it was one of the most self awakening moments I’ve had in my life. That moment of clarity assured me that I am, and always will be exactly on the path that I’m intended to be on.

What’s next on your schedule for this second half of the year?

Next on my schedule is continuing to remain focused and not to get too caught up on what’s next . I’m understanding that everyday is a process and a gift and if I do the small things within the days that I’m given to the best of my ability , great things can happen.

How does it feel to see yourself featured with so many brands?

Any one who has met me will tell you that I don’t speak out too much about the work I’ve done, however in my own mind I still can’t believe it. Generally when I see myself in photos of brands I have worked with or a friend shows me, my initial first thought is just “oh that’s me”. However the more time passes I am starting to really appreciate that my job allows me to be able to essentially see myself grow up. I’ve seen how I’ve grown as an individual, a model, and as young adult. The pictures that were taken from when I had just began modeling to now are night & day differences and Im eager to learn, grow, and continue to better myself as much as I can in the future.

Are shoots exhausting?

A popular misconception with models is that their job is easy, they don’t do much, and that all they have to do is show up and “look good”. It’s much more to the profession than that. There are days you’re tired, some days you don’t feel you look the best, and days that you’re allowed to just be human. In my opinion, the wear doesn’t come from the physical as I was so used to with sports but more mental. Making sure that you are focused and present for each and every time the camera clicks, making sure that you are kind to the members you are on set with, and last but not least understanding that you don’t have to be a “model” all the time outside of the job. You’re allowed to have days where you don’t have to worry about your appearance, and you should always be encouraged to love & embrace who you are as an individual first.

What does a typical shoot consist of you doing?

A typical shoot starts with a call time , from there you typically arrive to breakfast where you’ll have hair & makeup waiting for you possibly . After your first application of makeup, typically is when the fun starts and you begin testing , and ultimately shooting.

What has your modeling agency done for your career?

My Mother Agency, 10 Mgmt of Chicago has been incredible. In 2018–19 I signed with 10 Mgmt as a former athlete who only had one portfolio shoot from a year prior. David Sanchez, the owner at 10 took me under his wing and molded me into the model that I am today. For sake of time, an agency isn’t everything but having a GREAT one is. 10 Mgmt and their team have expanded my reach to global, meaning that I now have the ability (and most importantly great agents) that represent me anywhere in the world. There are many more than David himself who have made this possible and I haven’t nor will I forget the ones who made those possible. I’m thankful for every agent I have an am looking forward to developing that close connection and feeling of home in the markets to come.

How do you plan on going about gathering bigger modeling opportunities?

I try not to focus too much on getting the “big” opportunities and mostly just focus on making sure the content that I have and or create is quality. Creating new relationships with brands and companies is a two part process that involves your agent and the image that you yourself portray. I do my best to try to recreate my portfolio into the brands I can see myself being a good fit for in the future.

Are you planning on doing more things outside of modeling in the near future?

I do plan on doing more to give my audience a better insight on who I am as a person and what I like to do. Having the amazing resources, people, and scenery around me now I do plan on making more workout videos and overall just filming content that I feel represents who I am and what I like to do in my free time.

What’s one thing the average person wouldn’t know about the modeling business?

The long days and lonely flights, many times being up and traveling at 3 or 4 am didn’t feel too much different from when I used to play sports.

Now that you’re with an agency, is building up your social media brand and portfolio still important?

Absolutely, building your brand as we see everyday is an ongoing process. Whether it be companies that we’ve known for years or a YouTuber, new content is what people want to see so you must keep your socials updated and interesting as often times a lot of the jobs that are booked can be won or lost due to your presence on socials.