Three Things to Know About ChatGPT

Why is a Bot That Gives Detailed Answers with Little Factual Accuracy Worth $29 Billion?

  • Imagine what’s the worth of the next Google or Microsoft. The ladder already being heavily involved and considering an integration with its search engine as soon as March 2023. Microsoft is set to make a $10 billion investment in ChatGPT’s parent company valuing the company at $29 Billion. Thereby betting OpenAI will be the best innovator and collaborator in the AI space for the future.
  • Although this is just the beginning, if ChatGPT can become a more intuitive search engine with human-like responses, then I could see a world where they eat Google’s lunch and gain market-share. How often do you have to sift past sponsored search results before you get to what you were looking for?
  • ChatGPT is breaking through to the general public in no way any other AI platform has. In a little less than a week, the service was garnered over one million users.
  • In the future you could prompt, in seconds, “Write a long essay from the point of view of a slave during the African Diaspora narrated in third-person in APA Format.” with accurate and usable information.
  • Do not recommend for use in school! As of now, the Chat Bot only creates detailed but false stories compared to factual events. Nonetheless, If you provide related documents in a query to the AI in your existing thread beforehand, then your resulting answer will be in context.

Generates Incorrect or Misleading Information

  • Depending on how you write your prompt is how your answer will be given. So if the thread is not reset and you are providing wrong information to ChatGPT, then that can impact the following answers you receive. 
  • Allows for follow-up corrections (Although, this feature can be exploited). 
  • The AI “remembers” what you said earlier in the conversation. Be Aware, this is based on language models and you cannot count on up-to-date information! So you may not want to use every answer. I’m looking at you any student thinking they can use this to do homework!
  • The program is trained to decline harmful or malicious content however, some researchers could prompt the AI to write phishing emails or harmful code.

Don’t Worry! This is Only the Beta.

  • The service is now being provided, from parent company OpenAI, with the goal to collect external feedback and improve the system.
  • Problems and Errors will be worked through as OpenAI collects more data & feedback.
  • Even though the software is in an offline-state as of 2021, do not provide personal information. 
  • As OpenAI puts out newer iterations of ChatGPT I’d expect several features to be added. Some notable features I’d like to see would include up-to-date information, linkable sourcing, and prompt suggestions when you’re not receiving the results you’re looking for.

The future of AI is here. This is based on a research problem called Transfer Learning, that is a subset in Machine Learning to solve for AI storing information and applying it to a different but related problem. Businesses and creators will be birthed from the expansion of AI and easy-to-use Chat bots. This is because it writes useable code that you can implement in real-time. Imagine creating an 80% winning trading strategy to your specific liking, can also get those attributes in code and make money from it in a hundredth of the time it would’ve taken you. I even used it to create a vegetarian meal prep for the week in just minutes. Whether you use ChatGPT as a personal assistant at work or ask for the best dad jokes, I think it’s safe to say we’ll see much more about AI in the future. You can find out more at their website here: 

See some examples of what ChatGPT can do below.

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