Takeaways from Oprah’s Interview with Meghan & Harry

“I regret believing that I would ever be protected,” Meghan, Duchess of Sussex.

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This was not another episode of The Crown, but a firsthand sit-down with Meghan, Duchess of Sussex and Harry, The Duke of Sussex . In this exclusive interview, Oprah asked the tough questions which revealed a lot of about the Royal Family and The Institution.


Rumors swirled before Harry and Meghan’s royal wedding, that Meghan made Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, cry. Meghan revealed that it did happen but in the reverse. Kate made Meghan cry over bridesmaid dresses but later apologized with a note and gift basket. Meghan set the rumor straight and reiterated that she wanted to clear up what actually happened.


When asked about being silent on issues happening in The Institution, Meghan said she was silent. Oprah clarified when asked again, “Were you silent? Or silenced?” Meghan replied, “The latter.”


Meghan revealed that underneath the harsh scrutiny from the U.K. press and the lack of support from The Institution, it caused suicidal thoughts. Meghan tried to ask for help and to be admitted into a facility but the The Institution would not allow it. Meghan pointed out that Harry was very supportive during this time despite the lack thereof from the family.

Creator: Toby Melville | Credit: APCopyright: PA Wire/PA Images
Creator: Toby Melville | Credit: APCopyright: PA Wire/PA Images


When Meghan was pregnant with Archie, the couple’s first child, a royal member that was not named during the interview probed the question of what would be the child’s skin tone since Meghan is half African-American and half white. The question for many reasons made Meghan and Harry feel extremely uncomfortable with the member insulating that the child’s skin tone if darker, would not be perceived positively. They went on record saying, “There were concerns and conversations about Archie’s skin tone.” Meghan also revealed that during this time and shortly after the birth of Archie, The Institution said that Archie would not be receiving protection and that he would not be considered a prince. This added to the racial tension as Harry’s brother, Prince William and Kate’s children all have titles and protection.

Meghan and Harry announced they are expecting another baby this summer and exclusively told Oprah that they are having a girl.


Harry entered the interview at the halfway mark to also share his perspective. When asked if he blindsided the Queen with leaving their roles as senior members, he said, “I have too much respect for my grandmother to do so.” He also made claim that his father stopped taking his calls and that the family had cut him off in the beginning of 2020. He used his late mother’s money to support his family. Harry made note to mention that his biggest concern was history repeating itself in regards to his late mother, Princess Diana’s death.


Meghan mentioned how Harry and herself bonded was over their love for charity work and giving back which was a large responsibility that they held in their positions in The Institution. They now have started the Archewell Foundation in order to keep their promises and fuel their passion for their charitable work.


Meghan and Harry reside in California with Archie, their two dogs and the baby on the way. Harry mentioned that he enjoys normal activities like bike rides and going to the beach with his son.