The George Santos Story

Is Georg Santos a graduate of New York’s Baruch College? Is he a Jewish man? Did he win the NCAA Volleyball championship at Baruch? Did he graduate from the prestigious MBA program at New York University? Did he go on to work at Goldman Sachs and Citigroup? Was he married to a woman for ten years? Why is he wanted in Brazil? Did he steal from his friend? Most importantly, is his name even George Santos? These are the questions most Americans have about George Santos, the republican Congressman from New York’s 3rd congressional district. He seemed to have created and carefully crafted George Santos.

George Santos rose to prominence in 2020 in the midst of the pandemic and a turbulent election season. Santos ran against incumbent democrat Thomas Souzzi and lost handily. After this defeat, Santos began preparing for his second run. He immediately started fundraising, bringing in a great deal of money in an effort to challenge Souzzi in 2022.

The interesting fact regarding the George Santos scandal is that it has been in the making since 2021. In 2021, George Santos’ campaign conducted a study on Santos to find information that may be used against him. The campaign found the discrepancies listed above. Santos of course claimed the information was false and the individuals who found this information went on to quit the Santos Campaign. Elise Stefanik, the powerful republican congresswoman from Upstate NY, helped Santos hire new staffers. Does this beg the question that the republican party is also complicit in lying to the people of New York’s third congressional district? 

Let us examine a few of his lies, beginning with something that seems trivial, George Santos’ real name. Footage surfaced of George Santos in 2019 referring to himself as Anthony Devolder. This occurred when Santos spoke to members of the LGBTQIA+ community urging them to leave the democratic party at a panel in New York City. Santos has also referred to himself as George Devolder.

This could easily be solved by showing his birth certificate, which Santos refuses to do. In regard to his academic record, Santos claimed he embellished the facts. Embellish is the word used by politicians when they are lying. George Santos did not go to Baruch and he did not attain a MBA from NYU.

The two universities have confirmed this much. One of the selling points for George Santos’ campaign was that he was an established financial professional having worked with two of the biggest financial firms in the nation. Those firms have confirmed that George Santos has never worked there. 

George Santos is also wanted in Brazil. Brazillian authorities could not find Santos for years as he was wanted for writing fraudulent checks. The moment Santos appeared as a congressman the Brazilian government was able to find him. In an even more embarrassing turn of events, Santos’s friends have come out to say that he wore a scarf he stole from them to the ‘Stop the Steal’ rally before the attempted insurrection.

It seems George Santos loves living a flashy lifestyle. Santos has spent $25,000 of his campaign funds eating at a specific restaurant the Il Bacco Italian restaurant in his district. Every time he ate at this restaurant, he made sure the bill was $199.99 to avoid reporting the campaign spending to the authorities. His campaign also hosted various events at the restaurant totaling $50,000. The New York Attorney General is currently looking into Santos for any campaign violation.

George Santos has claimed his family is Jewish and that his grandparents survived the holocaust. Recently Santos has retracted the claim of being Jewish, saying he meant Jew-ish. What does Jew-ish mean? George Santos has also tweeted that he was White and Black.

Santos has claimed his mother died on 9/11 and that she died in 2016. At the time of writing this article, we cannot verify which is true. Santos who has claimed to be openly gay for 10 years, was also found to have been married to a woman up until 2019. Santos’s finances are all over the place. He claimed he owned rental properties in New York but he retracted that statement. He went from making $55,000 in 2020 to 11 million in 2022 with no evidence of where this money came from.  

Where does the truth begin and the lie end for George Santos? We are still waiting to find out. What is clear is that the people of NY-3rd were duped! The Republicans in charge of Nassau County have called upon him to resign which he refused. It seems that George Santos is defending himself and fighting back by attacking his critics on social media.

The national party has not made any statement regarding Santos’s falsehoods because of how vital and slim the republican majority is in congress. They cannot afford a snap election for a seat that they backed a liar for. Did the Republican party vet George Santos? Did Elise Stefanik know of the discrepancies? The Republican party will have to answer these questions.

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George Santos at the U.S. Capitol, on Jan. 6, 2023.