Joe Biden Projected to be Next President of the United States

It’s taken longer than normal, but as of today, Joseph R. Biden will be the next President of the United States. Biden had won 253 electoral college votes from most of the networks and news publications coming into Saturday (the AP and Fox News had given 264 by calling Arizona earlier than the rest). As his leads in Pennsylvania, Nevada, and Georgia continued to grow, it became increasingly clear that he would win the necessary 270 votes needed to secure the victory.

At the time of publication, Biden has a 30,000 vote lead over Donald Trump in Pennsylvania that is expected to continue to grow as provisional and absentee ballots from blue counties are counted. He also has a 7,000+ vote lead in Georgia that is expected to continue to grow as provisional ballots get counted in the coming days.

Nevada will be called any minute as Biden’s lead stands at 25,000 votes after another batch was released minutes ago. Biden’s lead in Arizona has fallen to 23,000 votes but the rate that Trump has to win them by in order to overtake Biden may be too great for the current president to achieve. If things stand Biden will win 360 electoral college votes.

President-Elect Joe Biden will have won the largest number of votes in an election that saw record levels of turnout nationally. He currently has just under 75 million votes, 4 million more than Trump. He is also on pace to be the first Democrat since 1992 to win the state of Georgia, though there are outstanding votes and a recount looming.

Biden’s running mate, California Senator Kamala Harris, will go on to hold the highest post in the federal government than any woman in US history. She is also the first Black, Asian-American, and Indian-American to be vice president. She is one of the many women, who were vital to the ticket’s efforts to win this race.

All eyes will now turn to Donald Trump, who has been having a meltdown on Twitter as reality sets in. He already gave an incendiary speech riddled with lies about voter fraud and election rigging. His supporters have protested outside of voter centers and are rallying on Facebook groups as their fave gets booted. It’s unlikely that he concedes the race; he is looking to assemble a legal team to challenge the results. All of his lawsuits have been tossed thus far.

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