Lit The Movie Cast Interview

Lit is a movie based out of Newark, New Jersey depicting the struggle of how a dream can be a challenge. I was fortunate enough to talk to the movie’s crew.

The cast and I discussed the importance of Lit. It’s more than a film that portrays the trials and tribulations of growing up in an urban area; it focuses on the dynamic and bond these characters create that gets them out of any hardships. That bond the characters build in the movie can also be seen once the cameras are turned off (peep my interviews above). The love of the cast was genuine and that makes me enjoy Lit even more.

I highly recommend this movie due to its realism. I found myself rooting for the characters as if they were family members or close friends. Lit won multiple awards including Best Feature Film from Hollywood Urban South Film Festival and Best Indie Feature in the Vegas Movie Award.

Lit 2 is in the works, however, Lit is quite a unique experience that it grabs the viewer into wanting a part two right away.

To view Lit click the link: Here