Please Be Kind To One Another | Last Week Was Lit

What tickles me the most about cops and judges is how much of their jobs are for stupid things. For all the important parts, there’s cops being called for minor arguments or judges having to preside over pettiness that has spilled out in the court of law. Why is someone wasting time and money on a Velveeta lawsuit over prep time. And of course our featured image has to be Cocaine Bear. Can’t wait for that cinematic excellence to hit the streets. What a week!

Will Smith Sits Down With Trevor Noah

Celebrity and living one’s life in a giant fishbowl has to be one of the biggest double-edged swords to exist. On one hand, yes, it has the ability to change lives of the celebrity in question and their loved ones. On another hand, every mistake is magnified exponentially.

With time that has passed since the Oscar slap, that moment doesn’t feel nearly as catastrophic as it did in the immediacy of it all. At this point, its really between Chris and Will if the former cares to ever mend things with the latter. What I did appreciate though was Will’s processing of it all and how we never know what someone is going through and how we have to be nice to each other. I’ll discuss a little more in the Things I Found segment but it is true and a reminder of how we should be all the time and not just during the holiday season.

Good Morning America Scandal

Honestly, this has been my favorite story of late. Tabloids and reality TV and the like have truly diminished what a real scandal looks like. I appreciate the messiness of all this because these two work together AND are on TV together. I wonder what their job actually thinks of all this. Partly they have to have known but it’s also like we’re cool as long as shit don’t hit the fan and then we gotta react. But man the pictures everybody got of them getting all cozy is hilarious. I gotta see what happens next. At most they should just move them off of being on the same show together or something. This isn’t super serious, but most definitely should be the subject of some good ol’ GMA3 office jokes.

Making A Case For “Cancel Culture”

I’m really tired of Kanye content at this point but this was a great point. Sometimes it’s not about this “genius” being misunderstood or there being some overarching method to their madness that the general public is too stupid to understand. Kanye West is legendary in his feats in music. If he ain’t doing music, I don’t want to hear it. I don’t care to read between the lines of what he’s trying to say or trying to do. Nothing. Music or nothing. Enough has been enough. We’re tired. Shut up and produce.

Things I Found

The Chris Christensen Story – Trigger Warning

This story was insane! Chris Christensen was a California school principal who had his life upended over an altercation that resulted in child endangerment and battery charges against Christensen. The Facebook post was Christensen’s last, seemingly him explaining led the Fountain Valley School District administrator to take his only life at Disneyland – a place his noteworthy father served as the musical director for. In his post, he shared his regrets about the situation and frustrations with the legal system and how everything had been panning out regarding the pending case.

There was also a plea for people to be kind to one another towards the end of the note, something those in the Twitter comments were not keen to do. I found the story overall very unfortunate and without knowing the true details of the altercation it’s certainly a cautionary tale about how our actions can have crazy implications and results that we don’t necessarily plan for. The toothpaste is out the tube once it’s out. My condolences to everyone involved especially those girls, this is going to be a traumatic experience indeed.