Lit Week Was Lit 50

Last Week Was Lit -Rest In Power to Chadwick Boseman. I wanted to take this week off in light of the news of his passing but Chadwick didn’t let his diagnosis stop him. He worked tirelessly and relentlessly and so we must do the same, particularly in his honor. 50! 50 of these!

Timing is such an interesting thing. It had been announced that the Joe Budden Podcast will be leaving Spotify at the end of their 2 year deal in just under a month from now. As someone that has been a role model to creatives, his fight for creatives in a world that asks us to conform and fit into a square peg has me rejuvenated. It makes me even more sure and certain of what we are building here at What You Expect.

Between the COVID pandemic and the anti-Black pandemic going on, building something with many of my Day 1 people has been one of the best challenges I’ve had. What I’ve learned in the process has been invaluable. And we’re only a hair over our one-year anniversary. Part of the idea of numbering these was to tell a story; a story of not only Last Week Was Lit but of What You Expect. There have been so many changes to this column, to this website, and to the team, all for the better. We’ll take a second to smell the flowers for sure, but next week is Last Week Was Lit LI and onwards to the next milestone. Thank you for being here, it means the world to me!

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Happy 42nd Kobe Bean

  • Thank you Kobe
  • Still unreal. I’m not sure when this will click for me that Kobe’s no longer here. But this world is a better place with him having been in it and sharing so many gems with us. Very thankful and prayers as always to the Bryant family.
  • Also, shout out to Pau for being Homeboy of the Century


Damn Donnie, the Day 1s switching up on you too?!?!

  • Not the Day 1s, not the White Nationalist of the Year in 2016! Nah, say it ain’t so!!!
  • They don’t make ‘em loyal no mo’, huh Donnie?
  • To be honest, I expected a lot more to jump off the ship so I guess shout out to dude for having some real ride or die fans. It’s nasty but admirable.



Athletes are finally playing to their potential

  • Would have loved this when Kaep was doing his thing, BUT better late than never. The leverage isn’t exactly where we’d like it to be but a start is a start. These “owners” ain’t about to take their ball and go home. Hopefully, NFL players have been taking notes especially after the video that aired earlier this offseason in response to the George Floyd murder because best believe a pop quiz is coming
  • Of course, women continue day in and day out to prove they are better than men. The WNBA did their thang, and they deserve their flowers for being real ones!
  • These types of events are where MY interest in sports really comes alive. Utilizing sports and the platform the celebrity and fame provide to bring awareness and mobilize efforts towards social change and progress. I can’t say enough how proud I am of all of these athletes for coming together and I hope this is only the beginning.


Nah, keep the same energy you would have if he was Black

  • These publications are NASTY! Nasty I tell you! Headlines like this only perpetuate the status quo. Why does duke get this fairy tale ass narrative after what he did but let it have been a story about a shooting in an inner-city and its a different story, right? Then the headline reads about how this person was a lifelong criminal, got a speeding ticket 2 years ago or some other shitty spin that has undoubtedly led us to the exact place we are at in society.
  • Disgusting, and all the more reason why we are doing what we’re doing here at What You Expect.


A legend gone way too soon, Rest in Power Chadwick

  • Man this fucking sucks! I’m so grateful we got to witness such talent for the time we got to. Praying for his family in their time of grieving and healing. The power and mindset needed to do all that work while fighting this disease and undergoing treatment is unreal. A real-life superhero. Thank you, Chadwick.
  • Best believe I’ll be combing through his entire filmography for the rest of this year. Besides his legendary performances we are all aware of I’m sure there are some untapped gems in the other films and appearances he had as well.
  • Really sad and so surprising given no one really being aware of his struggle outside of his camp—shout out to them!— and in a year that’s sucked shit, this is yet another low-blow. But again, I’m very thankful to have had the privilege to see such excellence at a craft.


America has a far way to go


Where I’m From

Digable Planets

Last Week Was Lit