Last Week Was Lit XXXIII

I tend to be a bit iffy on Black History Month, not any shade to the month but every month should be about not just the history of Black folks but the present and future. Perhaps one of my biggest bones to pick is the idea that “Black issues” are problems solely pertaining to the Black community. As a whole Black is in: the NBA and NFL are comprised of 80 percent and nearly 70 percent Black players and rap/hip-hop is now ‘officially’ the number one genre in music. While it is cool to share the cultural impact with folks, being let in to the party has a price: When it’s time to get serious and talk about the status of people of color, I need you—non-Black person—to keep the same energy you had when dancing to a DaBaby song. But the Naval queen herself was able to speak to this in a more concise manner and so I’ll let her close this intro out:

To the recap:

Keep ya head up Corona

  • What are limes to do without Coronas around?
  • Corona gotta sue. Libel, defamation, slander, assault. The virus couldn’t be named after a shittier beer like Bud Light or Natty Ice?
  • Y’all stay safe out there this coronavirus is showing up to front doors. 2019 ended and it’s really been utter chaos ever since. SMH

Clear your calendar for March 25th

  • Shout out to Clutch Points for the timeline because I really had no idea where this all started from but boy has it escalated quick. The countdown to their next game has begun!
  • Ultimately Harden’s wrong about Giannis but Giannis ain’t have to sneak diss him during the team selection for the All-Star Game. Of all the 7-footers we’ve seen they don’t make them like that.
  • I hope Shawn Bradley is doing well. His “highlight tape” was every high-flyer posterizing him. Harden can’t have watched the NBA trot out Shawn Bradley and Hasheem the Dream and say all Giannis does is run and dunk. Cough Ben Simmons cough cough.

Song of the Decade: Lil Nas X must be sick

  • Black History Month anthem!
  • Why haven’t anyone else thought to do this before? We keep getting mad over the Bhad Bhabie’s of the world taking our energy and perpetrating a fraud, we just need more of this.
  • If Lil Nas X don’t jump on the remix, his record label gotta geaux

Prayers to the Hot Pocket

  • Homegirl family ain’t make enough cheese—see what I did there—to not have to be roped up in all this? The Hot Pocket is Tier 1 of all the junk foods. That microwave pouch is pure innovation. American manufacturing at its best.
  • I have to admit I’m so accustomed to folks getting off for offenses like this I really doubled back to check what they did. Hopefully there’s still room in Lori Loughlin’s Prison Prep class for Ms. Pocket.

Cash Money Records taking over for the ‘19 & the 2020

  • Can Steyer come back? I miss him already. It’s going to be trash with the old heads duking it out.
  • My hot take is Pete dropped out cause he saw Steyer’s dance moves and knew he ain’t want the smoke. Pete out here doing the Macarena, Steyer out here in the clubs.
  • And they want us to think rap just recently became the number one genre. Bet, say less.

Wack Waka

  • The clip is cool to discuss whether people agree or disagree with Waka about his talents but the entire interview is gold. Lots of gems and growth from Waka.
  • If anything Waka saying this is an indictment to the game not to him. While the party, turn up tracks will always be a feature of Hip-Hop there appears to be lesser space in mainstream for the lyricists—at least the up-and-coming ones.
  • What Waka said about rappers claiming where they’re actually from and being about that is real. We look at the Atlanta scene and part of it and why so many artists are breaking out of there is because they support their own—a lesson the greater New York area can certainly continue to learn.

Throwback Song of the Week

Slaughter House featuring Joell Ortiz, Nino Bless, Royce da 5’9” and Crooked I by Joe Budden