Last Week Was Lit XVIII

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Now to your recap:


  • The braids, the alcohol (looks like tequila), the Pizza Hut. I’m changing Wednesday’s name to Masvidal. Wednesday is my cat.
  • Coming from Miami on the bare knuckle circuit that gave us Kimbo Slice (RIP), the fact that Masvidal is here and a star is a victory in and of itself.
  • Combat sports—and our newest writer Jaymes will be coming with some content on that—is about skill but personality is what fills the seats and drives up the PPV. I’m a fringe MMA fan at best but I definitely follow characters that are charismatic enough to make me pay attention. Pizza Hut should pay this man!

For billions of dollars you can end Charger homelessness today

  • This somewhat restores my faith in the NFL, finally a smart decision made in disaster relief.
  • I understand the volleying that goes on between NFL owners and the public in the areas they inhabit: one side wants to keep up with the Jones’ and the other side doesn’t want to shell out an exorbitant amount of money just because. But boy is this a win for the San Diegos, St. Louis’, and Seattles.
  • Given the Chargers’ division there would need to be a shift as there’s no way in hell the Broncos, Raiders and Chiefs are making that voyage and vice versa. Maybe Houston goes to the AFC West? Then Miami goes to the AFC South? This is a fun puzzle!

Paw work play-by-play

  • D-Fish really had some nerve. You not sending invitations to your barbeque being hosted at my crib. I’m utterly appalled.
  • The comfort in being able to talk about how you gave someone the beats is great. Remember you always want to fight on your own turf. You know the terrain. We should’ve known Derek wasn’t a good coach based on this bad gameplan.
  • As much as I don’t like DJ Vlad, I gotta give him credit for the juice he’s able to get out of people. I suppose you can’t be mad at him for people going up there looking nuts.

Trump really has revolutionized the White House

  • I have to give Donnie his flowers, this is genius. Between keeping the MAGA flame alive going into 2020 and giving me steady LWWL content, I truly appreciate this creative man’s brain.
  • He has to pick a black person for this. Has to.
    • 1) It’s another thing to say you’ve done for the Black community.
    • 2) You’re encouraging Black people to seek out the arts.
    • 3) Black people have an innate advantage in social media challenges.
  • Thank you Mr. President. We are forever indebted to you for this kind gesture.

This is simply Trump reminding me to watch Righteous Gemstones, nothing more

  • The White House is really going to be boring and bland once this man is out of office. Very bittersweet!
  • God gotta respond. She out here calling him/her/they a Trump supporter, a serious allegation indeed.
  • Trump couldn’t have Creflo Dollar or TD Jakes be his personal pastor?!?!?!

Azealia Banks is Kanye West without the classic albums

  • Same antics, same confusion we have when they open their mouths, [insert Spiderman pointing meme here].
  • How come all the crazies are Geminis? At least this one we can put on the May Geminis but damn I can’t even be on my plausible deniability tip anymore.
  • I don’t know who Cupcake is but shout to them for scooping up a great nickname. Everyone loves cupcakes!

What’s next for CC?

  • Not sure what happened here. Cris has been around the block with his stint at ESPN before this run at Fox, so I’m sure he’ll land on his feet. Prayers to him.
  • The fact that they were flying dudes to New York from LA when you (Carter) were just chillin’ at home watching Snowfall is real wild to me. He deserved to spazz out on them for such blatant disrespect.
  • Cris there’s always a home for you here at WYE.

I think I see why the NFL is a little hesitant to trot out these Black QBs

  • South Florida and no code switch whatsoever, I love it!
  • The Ravens are 7-2: running away with the AFC North and fresh off defeating the Evil Empire. He’s also arguably in the driver’s seat for the MVP with 15 passing touchdowns to only 5 interceptions and on pace for 1,200+ yards on the ground and 10 rushing touchdowns.
  • Lamar’s prowess has led to Vick comparisons but this is proof if nothing else of why the pro team should fit what they do around the QB and not the other way around. NFL defenses will eventually catch up but Baltimore has proven itself to be a smart organization so I’m sure they’ll be adjusting as well.

You got extending the school day money?

  • I’m not a teacher but boy did I cringe upon hearing of this bad idea. Extending the actual day is going in the wrong direction, if anything cutting into the day and filling it with “modern” community-based initiatives that prepare students for the workforce and adulthood is more on the money.
  • Put money into programs like Lights Out—shoutout to the crib—which would tackle some of the same issues Kamala’s bill would seek to address and be significantly efficient in its impact.

Drake Duppy Freestyle sigh

  • While the fans did not create this Frankenstein, they sure continue to provide him with the ability to feel empowered to spew bullshit.
  • I’ll put out an article today on Par 4 going in depth on my issue with Kanye but definitely check out Armon’s too.
  • When Bow Wow is the person to make the most sense regarding Kanye we gotta really take a look at how we look at this guy.


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