Last Week Was Lit XV

We got quite a bit on the horizon here at WYE. One thing you might’ve been able to spot is that this section is now ‘Stories’—which I very much approve of, we’re way past “blogging”. I was back at the crib this weekend for our 10 year HS reunion and I had a blast. Last Week Was Lit.

Shout out to SHP’s class of ‘09. Missed you guys and hopefully for 15 or 20 we can drag more alums out to that—looking at you Marcus and Jon! Also, stay tuned to WYE we have some spicy plans in the works I’m excited for you all to see. Anywho, let’s get to it:

When keeping it real goes wrong

  • In retrospect this was definitely the NFL’s version of the iconic ‘I Quit’ match from the WWE. Clearly since Kirk worked the Eagles, homie had to go and if Kirk threw 4 interceptions he’d be banished to the shadow realm
  • Can we be honest though in saying homeboy wasn’t wrong? Was the timing bad? Yes. BUT…his comments were legit. They had Thielen, Diggs, Dalvin and a formidable defense, the only person that can screw this up is the Cap’n.
  • Can the Eagles afford to just be dropping dudes just on petty, bulletin board material? That division is still very much up for grabs but hey do you queen.

Prime Papa Phil

  • If Philip Rivers didn’t call him a ruffian, I want my money back
  • He’s definitely dragged at least 2 of his 9 sons like this after they talked back
  • I’m going to miss Phil’s trash talk and penchant for 4th quarter interceptions when he retires. Still a tragedy the Spanos’ family couldn’t deliver him a ring with some of those loaded Charger teams.

Pinky was with the shits

  • All Pinky had to do was chill for about a minute and he could’ve found a nice, loving home to cause chaos in but noooo
  • Cats are too smart, like how Pinky know to bite homeboy’s balls to get him to let go?
  • Wednesday would never

LeBron’s first mulligan

  • You gotta hand it to the guy that’s been famous since high school and a bonafide global megastar—and in the social media age at that—that this is his first fuck up
  • China gotta watch more basketball, we been tuned Morey out they should do the same. They definitely took the “what’s up with your mans” way too far.
  • Shout out to Silver for being like y’all can smooth this over with the public. As great of a figurehead and ambassador as LeBron may be he’s not a PR specialist. Hopefully this is a lesson learned for the NBA too.

The shenanigans really worked out well for Jalen

  • I actually wanted to come here and trash the Rams for giving up two firsts but I take it back. He’s arguably the best corner in the game and those guys don’t wind up on the trading block typically ever.
  • We had jokes for Jalen when he was on his BIG AUNTIE wave but I respected his thuggery calling out sick on a Tuesday after a Monday holiday.
  • Actually LA would be the perfect place for Auntie Jr to flourish. While I still don’t think this puts the Rams over the edge, this is their window to make something happen. Either shit or get off the toilet.

Everybody is really out here treating Netflix like they food

  • Like its one thing that Mickey Mouse is out here running Netflix’s pockets, you know mice are mad flagrant but AMC?!?
  • Makes sense, movie theatres need a new steez. Some got the curbside thing going on, most have the spicy seats, and even a few are creating subscriptions to attract customers…this probably should’ve been done a long time ago
  • I’m very disgusted every player is jumping into this arena. Mickey has my money because of ESPN and the million other entities they own, HBO has my money because of Boondocks and well its HBO, I ain’t paying no AMC

Roger Goodell needs new contact lenses

  • Not that Rog should care about tanking, typically it doesn’t happen but everyone is convinced this year’s QB class is going to be lit and the Dolphins got nothing better to do so hey why not
  • I mean they could tank, get the 1st pick and it doesn’t work out. One guy can only do but so much. Look at the Cardinals, more exciting? Yes. Kyler would be lucky if he was able to lead that team to anything near .500
  • Miami needs to worry about Dallas stealing their next head coach out from under their nose. And put Rosen back in before you mess around and win a game

Am I on Punk’d?

  • I refuse to believe this is real
  • Refuse
  • Nah
  • No way
  • This what we doing now? As the kids would say, “say less”

I mean if we doing wild shit with the Presidency, why not elect Kevin Gates?

  • He definitely gotta check in with this baby on his weight loss progress, thems the rules now
  • Kevin Gates needs his own TV show
  • I do honestly believe Kevin Gates would make a better president than Trump


  • All I want to know is what kind of arduous labor and stress do the employees go through to even deserve a retreat
  • Since I’m paying for this vacay do I get a say in where they go? Can I even get a postcard?? A magnet for the fridge? Rude
  • Guess they figure with the Dems talking this abolish student debt policy they gotta enjoy the good times while they still have em. Death of a dynasty, you hate to see it.

Oh nothing to see here just another black person saving the day

MJ has taken this way too far

  • It’s one thing that in 10 years as majority owner he has a 341-463 record with three first round exits as the only brother with this position
  • We still prop him up as the GOAT and forgive his “frugality” as an owner because that’s Mike, he’s a legend we just let him rock
  • But this. This is unforgivable. We were just going to let it go that the Hornets were going to be dogshit this year. Wouldn’t have brought it up at the cookout. Mike only get one serving of the potato salad this year. Chick-Fil-A, how dare you!

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