Ty Foster’s Last Week Was Lit X

I find it hilarious that a lot of these LWWL’s lately have been created on the road, I am currently in Boston’s prestigious South Station awaiting a bus back to the crib for a family reunion this weekend. I look forward to being reunited with Newark Penn Station—I wish you could see the face I made when typing that sentence out lol.

Anywho we have made it to 10! If you’ve been tuning in since the first one you’re amazing. If this is your first one, you’re amazing—and don’t miss anymore!

Also as I teased in Still Waking, we are partnering with Market Melanin.

To hear what Market Melanin is about firsthand: here ya go.

My explanation/reasoning for seeking this partnership is such: Market Melanin felt like such a fit in that it aims to provide a platform for of people–particularly of color– showcasing their talents, embracing themselves and empowering others in the process.

A big part of the voice I’ve found in honing my craft as a writer is using my experiences–especially my travels both domestic and aboard–to tell the story of where I’m from and inspire people from similar places to invest in themselves and their talent. For whoever is wondering, that is why the brick picture with WQHC and 07112 will always be at the end of all my work.

Go check out Market Melanin, they have a giveaway currently going on with the winner set to be announced this Sunday the 8th!

Without further ado, your recap:


  • Do you know how long I’ve been waiting to get homeboy up outta here for?
  • He’s literally last out of the crew: 1A) Scobby 1B) Shaggy 2) Scrappy 3) Velma 4) The dudes that be helping them out every episode 5) Daphne 6) Everyone else including the bad guys 1001) Fred
  • We need to get a hold of his job and report him, enough is enough

I’d like to use my second pardon on Olive Garden

  • The first pardon was Yuengling
  • I don’t know what they did but I forgive them
  • How dare you try to get the salad and breadsticks up outta here?
  • Is it good Italian cuisine? I don’t want to answer that question but it’s better than Sbarro’s

Businessmove of the Year

  • Rhody’s own Hasbro at that!
  • This is on brand: Hasbro has given you nothing but hits. Ain’t shit changed. In fact I’m trying to get signed so I can finally release my R&B album
  • I’m crying that eOne has Peppa Pig. Her and Tupac—in an alternate, parallel universe—are labelmates
  • “Mr. Potato Head and the Power Rangers did not respond to requests for comment”.

Joe Johnson should be banned from the Big 3

  • The 2019 MVP led the league in PTS, AST, total FGs, and 4PT. Finished 2nd in STL and 3PT and tied for 3rd in REB. Stop the fight ref
  • His team only lost once all season, he dropped 28 in the chip and hit the final three to seal the deal. Clearly this calls for immediate excommunication
  • The Hornets should pay Iso Joe whatever he wants for him to lead them to 20 wins this season. If MJ won’t do it then lemme drive the boat!

How many infractions does the streets have??

Ok you got it champ!

How can I say this without getting cancelled?

  • Can Boogie say that? No, that’s a threat. They literally will arrest you for that
  • Do we know enough here to take a side? No, what happened before homegirl pressed record? What about after? What led to all this?
  • This really isn’t any of our business and it begs the question of how much of a glimpse do we actually deserve in these people’s lives. He’s wrong for saying it and if I’m judging this off knowing absolutely nothing I would blindly say the kid should probably be allowed to go to Boogie’s wedding
  • Then again I don’t know a thing about this and neither do you so let’s both leave

Was this the Subway Juicy Smooyay was at?

  • I hope my mans followed that up with getting Italian Herbs and Cheese and Pepper Jack for the sandwich he ordered post-KO
  • He fought this guy with one sandal, he’s definitely killed someone before. Slides with no socks has to move to 2nd place behind low-top Black Forces
  • Shout out to the Subway employee just letting these two duke it out. A true American hero. She deserves a raise

This should be impossible. IDC IDC IDC

  • Son, you’re the founder and CEO. You should be able to take over people’s Twitter page without their permission and be impervious to being hacked
  • Was the hard -er supposed to let us know that his page was hacked cause in this day and age I’m not surprised at anybody letting me that fly
  • These kids hacked YouTube too?! Streets is now officially done

Thank you for your bravery Ryan

  • I firmly believe there’s a lot of gay professional athletes out there and so far–unless I’m forgetting someone–we only have two on record
  • To be fair, celebrities don’t owe the public a damn thing in terms of divulging information about their personal life and business
  • But I appreciate that Ryan was brave enough to be open and hopefully 1) his career doesn’t take a hit from it and 2) some young football player that identifies as LGBTQ knows there’s still a place for them in this sport
  • Also he’s a former Buc so shout out to him

No disrespect but black women own tennis now, the whole thing

  • I don’t make the rules
  • Both of these women are going to be on this stage–and probably playing one another–for the foreseeable future
  • She’s only 15, and she’s out here with real ones. I need some Coco Gauff merch ASAP
  • I still have a crush on Naomi. Ask Marcus what season it is ?

Kev section title I’m workshopping this week:

KNN (I actually like this one)

Change Gon’ Come

  • Still not over “if blacks would try harder, they could be just as well off as whites”

Bolsonaro has to be Italian for Trump

  • “Deforestation has also accelerated since Mr. Bolsonaro took office”

Chasing Philip Rivers’ record huh?

So much for respecting the troops there Donnie

  • Just skip to the in plain English section. It took me two and a half read throughs to understand what this even said

Before I take it to the P.S.

Happy 22nd Birthday to my little sister, love you! ?


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