Ty Foster’s Last Week Was Lit VIII

Yerp, I’m in a coffee shop (shout out to Hungry Ghost) in Brooklyn for this week’s LWWL. I really can’t even deny my hipsterdom at this point. Also Kev will be featured on these too now. Look at the growth. I also need my boy Murda Mal on these ? (also please know I don’t care what Apple had in mind but this is the crying laughing face. I don’t make the rules)

Son, wut?

  • 13 bro, 13?! Can we rescind his Hall of Fame status for this. Has to be a terminable offense. Has to. I don’t even want to say the name Karl ever again. Homeboy on the Wolves is just Anthony Towns. That’s a LWWL rule now.
  • I’m also very offended for Demetress that you spend your life thinking your name is actually Demetrius to learn one day its not. I’m 28 now, I can’t imagine finding out my name isn’t my name. He has to ask [redacted] Malone to throw paws, for more reasons than one. My money on Demetress.
  • Jemele broke this news over 10 years ago.

The true hierarchy in the NBA

  • Very important questions:
    • What is the difference between the teams with 1 game and the teams with two?
    • The Hornets really should have zero or just blur out the Hornet players in their televised game, that works too.
    • I’m offended my Blazers have the same amount of games as the Pelicans. Literally everyone at WYE —except Jon—thinks Zion won’t be all he’s been projected to be.
    • Are we sure we want 24 games of the Sixers? I will never be convinced Ben Simmons can shoot and I think the team only got worse this off season. Obviously they’ll make the playoffs and beat the Wizards or the Magic or whomever in the first round but that’s about it.

Dear Arizona, if you care about my feelings and I don’t do this

I was with Chris til he compared Fredo with an actual derogatory term

  • How did homeboy act like he ain’t want smoke by playing that whole “I thought that was your name” angle but then ask for the smoke by asking Cuomo what he was gonna do about it?
  • If Fox News hasn’t used this clip yet on air, CNN won the beef
  • Who was the cameraman here?! Prime content, trash view

McGregor just staying in shape for his next bout

  • Yeah, no. There’s no rationalizing this on Connor’s behalf
  • I hope that man followed up that punch by telling Connor his 2 year old grandson hits harder. I mean this was a sucker punch, you had the surprise element on your side and still nothing. Tragedy.

The only person who is stupid here is Bryce Harper if he didn’t expect this in Philadelphia of all places

Excuse moi?!

We outchea

We’ll come up with a catchy name for Kev’s pieces here but like his WYE articles, these will be political one liners— we want you to read the story we link to. Edumacate yourself


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