Ty Foster’s Last Week Was Lit VII

We really needed last week, it was a nice bounce back from the shitty week we had the week before. And after my RISE Against and Moral Victories Is For Minor League Coaches, I sure could use a pick-me-up so let’s start with just that

This is why we love the NFL

They finna drag you

  • Dogs are amazing and the public will be sure to get you smooth up outta here for any mistreatment and rightfully so
  • Ah! You know you in real shit when PETA get involved
  • Now only if we can have this same outrage when blac…I’mma chill

Nothing to see here just the NBA showing how much better it is than the NFL


  • Actually this is quite old now but its new to me and maybe to you too
  • If IceJJFish can’t cheer you up nothing can
  • If I Don’t Deserve God and I Pray to Jesus ain’t still burning up the Gospel charts three months later, I’m writing a sternly worded letter to Billboard

Eddie just spilling the tea on MSNBC’s set

  • The good ole’ ugly underbelly we still continue to sweep it under the rug and until we address it what do we expect to ever change?
  • Eddie talks about the country playing politics on hatred and somehow we need to get it through to folks that there are something things that do not belong in political discourse. One in particular: what to do with guns. Also healthcare but whatevs

The other Democratic presidential nominees gotta sense blood in the water

This diva-dom better be worth it for the Raiders

  • Makes for a nice storyline to go with AB’s foot debacle on HBO’s Hard Knocks
  • His next retirement threat will be when he realizes he doesn’t have a QB and sits out until he gets a new one
  • Optimistically this team goes 6-10

What goes next after the video game ban doesn’t change anything?

  • Haven’t purchased a video game in a long time but I don’t think that’s the spot to be hitting up to cop the new release
  • You trash if you’re getting a gun from Wal-Mart too
  • Wal-Mart is clearly for grocery shopping, toiletries, Swiffer Wet Jet refills, cat litter and bathroom organization caddies

I’ve never been more proud to be an American than everyone not falling for this news

  • Not all conspiracy theories are good or believable, yet skepticism is always healthy and boy people were not duped by this whatsoever
  • He’s definitely dead, thinking he’s chillin’ in Aruba with Tupac drinking a Mai Tai is taking this whole thing too far but yeah I’m glad we all seen this one a mile away

The week of lists!


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