Ty Foster’s Last Week Was Lit IV

Snowfall on FX, go watch it. I’m on the last episode of Season 1 and while it started off a bit slow, it picks up around mid-season. But check it out and let me know what you think especially about Teddy.

To last week’s recap:

Its that time of year again!

  • Peep all the ratings
    • My gripes
      • Jameis and Lamar “Right Handed Tim Tebow” Jackson having the same overall
      • Richard Sherman being a 93
      • How much they killed the QBs
      • The rating they gave Earl Thomas and Delanie Walker. Love those guys but too high for their age
    • It’ll be interesting to see who gets bumped up as they do make changes over the course of the season


  • This—and also my favorite meme—was my reaction and also not what I initially intended to put here…short story:
    • I had queued up an article from The Washington Post about how news organizations were grappling with calling Trump’s tweets racist. On my phone I can open the article just fine, on the computer the Washington Post wants me to subscribe in order to view it. In trying to find a new article I stumbled across the tomfoolery I have put forth to you all
  • I’m still not over “It can never be more than that unless Mr. Trump decides to declare himself a racist. No fact is available to belie him if he denies the intent ascribed to him.”


RIP Big Baller Brand

  • I am one of maybe a few that still thinks Big Baller Brand was actually a good decision—obviously the guy they entrusted to all this wasn’t.
  • I will say the $500 something price tag was crazy, but a lot of people were ready to support Lavar on the grounds to uplifting a young black family trying to make something of their own.
  • I’d like to see another athlete try this sometime down the line and see if it can’t be successful. Better than lining the pockets of heavyweights such as Nike and Adidas. I appreciated the cojones to capitalize on your own stardom and take a gamble on your potential.

ESPN’s ploy to try to get me to buy ESPN+

  • That has to be what this is about, keep your Kyrie eye open!
  • ESPN knows better than to think they could replace LeBatard so I don’t expect any ‘punishment’ from this
  • This whole stick-to-sports bullshit is hilarious because its impossible. The line of “I tune into sports to forget about politics and division” is horseshit. It’s horseshit because people infuse politics into sports all the damn time!

The NFL really needs to get out of the punishment business

  • They don’t have subpoena power so everything lies in cooperation and basically their best guess as to what happened since homegirl wasn’t a reliable source the NFL basically had to be like ‘my b Tyreek’
  • I also really have issue here because the NFL is the leader of brushing shit under the rug if you’re good and the team can’t afford to lose you. Feels disingenuous to then have this punishment parade any other time.
  • Should players be allowed to just do wild shit? Absolutely not, but again the NFL needs to completely outsource this sector of their organization because they’ve been failing miserably at it.

We’re all excited about landing PK Subban

  • I really need a play-by-play on how exactly that glass broke that easily
  • Why did everyone take this so well?!

Look at the MLS getting all spicy

RIP to Elie Wiesel & Pernell Whitaker


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