Is He a Hall of Famer: Stefon Diggs

With the NFL Playoffs upon us, it is time to discuss players that the What You Expect crew wonder if they are Hall of Famers. Stefon on Diggs immediately comes to mind because he has been great since he entered the league and left a lasting impact on two NFL organizations. Is Stefon Diggs a Hall of Famer though?


Since high school, Stefon Diggs has been a great wide receiver. Per Rivals, Diggs was a 5-star recruit and the second-best receiver in his class. He decided to stay home and attend Maryland University. Despite the 5-stars was only 5th round pick to the Vikings, which ended up being one of the best steals of the 2010s.

Diggs spent 5 years on the Vikings with two seasons over 1,000, yet he was unhappy playing second fiddle to Adam Thelian and demanded a trade. He was then traded to the Bills for a first-round pick, which immediately skyrocketed his career and the trajectory of the Buffalo Bills.

Since being on the Bills, Diggs has 3 Pro Bowls and one first-team All-Pro (soon to be two once the NFL announces the 2022 All-Pro teams. Stefon has tallied 703 receptions, 8800 receiving yards, and 59 receiving touchdowns.

Is He a Hall of Famer?

Stefon Diggs’s career really took off while being on the Bills however I am unsure if he has the Hall of Fame resume yet! Diggs is arguably the best receiver in the game currently but will need to add to his resume. Personally, I feel if he adds 3 more Pro Bowl seasons coupled with 3 more All-Pro seasons he will be a lock for the Hall of Fame. At the age of 29, he should have enough in the tank to finish his time in Buffalo on top.

Diggs is currently 79th all-time in yards, barring no injuries he should be able to at least hit 12,000 yards minimum which would land him in the top 30 receiving yards. Diggs is also on a Buffalo team that is in the running to win a Super Bowl. We have already seen where being a successful Buffalo Bills wide receiver lands you. Andre Reed is. a Hall of Famer with 951 receptions, 13,000 receiving yards, and 88 touchdowns. Diggs is on pace to match Reed’s reception and receiving yards in the coming years if his health stands.

What do you think, will Stefon Diggs be a Hall of Famer?