Is He a Hall of Famer: Mike Evans

Mike Evans is the best Hall of Fame resume of all of the wide receivers of his generation. The What You Expect team recently put out a tweet that sent Twitter into a frenzy. The team stated that Mike Evans has a better resume than Julio Jones. Whether it is true or not, we will determine if the committee will induct Mike Evans into the Hall of Fame.

Mike Evans Resume

Mike became a star in college catching the ball from media darling Johnny Football. He was dominant at the level; however, I doubt teams or fans thought he would be as good as he is today. His college success landed him as the 7th overall pick to the Tampa Bay Bucs.

In Tampa, he has built a resume, which no one can question. He is arguably the best wide receiver to ever put on a Bucs jersey and his story is still unfinished. Evans has four Pro Bowl Seasons, but only one second-team All-Pro season in 2016. Despite all the success in his career, Evans was only an “elite” wide receiver once.

At the time of this tweet in 2021, Mike Evans was the first player to have seven straight 1,000-yard seasons. Now, in 2023, Mike Evans has a 1,000-yard season nine times which is every season of his career. Mike Evans is only 29 years old thus he may be able to extend his streak to 10+ seasons! The proof is in the pudding.

Is He a Hall of Famer?

Mike Evans has 10,400 receiving yards, 81 receiving touchdowns, and 683 receptions all before the age of 30 years old. The question about Mike Evans’s resume is will he get voted in with only one All-Pro season? The closest player in the Hall of Fame statistically to Evans (TODAY) is Mike Irvin. Irvin had 750 receptions, 65 receiving touchdowns, and 11,904 receiving yards. Evans should be able to pass Irvin’s numbers just next season if he remains healthy. The difference between Irvin and Evans is 3 All-Pro Seasons, 5 Pro Bowls, and 3 Super Bowls for Irvin versus 1 All-Pro season, 4 Pro Bowls, and 1 Superbowl for Evans.

Do you think Mike Evans is a Hall of Famer?

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