Is He a Hall of Famer: Andre Rison

I saw a TikTok over the weekend of Andre Rison saying from the second he got in the NFL that he was better than Jerry Rice. After that, I went and took a look at his resume and was shocked by Risen being a 5 time All Pro player, it had me thinking, is Andre Rison blackballed by the NFL? Is he AB before AB, but the question of the day is whether Andre Rison is meant to be a Hall of Famer.

As a kid born in the early 90s, I only know Andre Rison for two things, his fight with Deion Sanders and his relationship with Left-Eye.

Rison’s relationship with Left Eye is known due to his house being set on fire after he was caught cheating. He is also known to be one of the flashier athletes of the 90s, spending a lot of his money on cars, jewelry, and his time in the club.

If you know anything about the Republican NFL, there is nothing they hate more than players who create noise, which I never understand because the flashy wide receiver definitely helped boost the rating and popularity of the league. An example of this is Terrell Owens who should have been easily a first-ballot Hall of Famer but due to the noise, they did not allow him to have that honor. Terrell Owens never had run-ins with the law, only on-field antics yet is treated poorly by the league.

Is He a Hall of Famer?

Okay, I spent a lot of time speaking about who I thought Andre Rison was however after doing research he was one heck of a football player. Rison played twelve seasons in the NFL accumulating 700+ receptions 10,000+ receiving yards and 84 touchdowns. Andre also was a four-time All-Pro and five-time Pro Bowler as well as a Super Bowl champ with the Green Bay Packers.

If I were voting, Risen would be in the Hall of Fame simply for production alone. He was instantly successful in the league and even in the years he did not make the Pro Bowl, he was still serviceable. Outside of playing with Favre for a couple of games, he never really was on a team meant to compete which shows how great of a player he was.

To me, the only reason Andre Rison is not in the Hall of fame is because of the drama around the player. His lifestyle ultimately is the reason he was left out of the Gold jacket crew. Do you agree, should he be a Hall of Famer?

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